Odense, South Denmark, DNK

Post-math trance-punk with whirlwind crescendos and melodies all over the place. Winner of an Independent Music Award 2007 in the category best hard rock/metal song!


Plök is Danish, taken from the phrase “plök-umulig” meaning completely impossible. However the sounds are not that impossible….

Plök offers an elastic approach to the rock genre fusing elements of post-punk, math, big beat and pop into an original blend, mathbeat synthpunk. Whirlwind rhythms, distorted children’s keyboards, flying guitars, trash percussion and manic vocals are everywhere on this their debut album. In many ways the music can be described as a juicy, somewhat poppy rehash of battles, the blood brothers, crystal castles, lightning bolt, kraftwerk and dillinger escape plan without being anything other than completely its own.

”It sounds like a band virtually playing in a dumpster that's tumbling down some stairs. The funny thing is that the combination of the band members really getting into it and rocking out during the songs, and the retardedly strange behaviour of the singer and bassist Mikkel works like.. well a charm, as the crowd is charmed indeed,...,most people get into it as if it was the most accessible stuff on the radio”
( - live review)
"Their sound is mathematically brazen, daring, and a smash-up of indie rock, mayhem, metal, and post-punk. Sort of like the Blood Brothers drunk on dance-punk with some Mass Movement of the Moth stirred in for extra zaniness. And yes they’re from Scandinavia just like their moniker. Insane!" - Smother Magazine (

The debut album “sing us yr guillotine gospel” is set to follow the 2007 EP “you tie a rock to your leg cuz it fits you”, an EP that included the Independent Music Award winning song “I do NOT live in a condo”. According to the band you can expect the sound of buildings making out, interrupted TV signals, torn-apart symphonies and spontaneous anti-preaching. Rhythmically! Might sound strange, but it’s actually to the point. The album goes from the polyrhythmic up-beat and frenetic “headlock the urban machine” to the math-dance of “time out the stroboscope emotional” to the kraftwerk-gone-hardcore and big beat’esque “barbra streisand is an island” and ends up with a challenged disco-beat track with a pompous harmonic release on “is there a ripe hype ride right now?”. In short an adventurous, beat orientated, energetic and melodic album quite like no other.

The band has previously played shows with HEALTH and Jaguar Love and has also toured the US on their own in support of the CMJ chart success of the debut EP in 07.


"You tie a rock to your leg cuz it fits you" (EP, 2007)

"Sing us yr guillotine gospel" (Album, 2010)

Tracks that have been played at CMJ-listed charts:
With Your Eyes Closed You Don´t See No Ghost
I do NOT live in a condo

Debut album in the mix!
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