Lafayette, Indiana, USA
BandHip HopAvant-garde

PLOT's music is an intoxicating elixir of Hip Hop, Dubstep, Jazz,and Soul. We are incredibly experimental, and our unorthodox approach to creating music stimulates our listeners on every level of consciousness. We have been described as maniacal in the energy we bring to our live performances.


Forming in the summer of 2010, PLOT has managed to accomplish more in one year than a lot of artists accomplish in an entire career. They've managed to become a regular fixture at the bars and clubs around their hometown of Lafayette, Indiana (Purdue University) including the downtown staple Knickerbocker Saloon. They quickly went from an opening act to full on promoting their own shows and bringing artists such as Wu-Tang Almighty's M-Eighty, and Chicago's own Vertual Vertigo to the city for some really exciting shows. They've also branched out into neighboring cities Indianapolis, Muncie, Ft. Wayne, and played out of state in Illinois, and Kentucky. They are currently organizing a tour with Def Jux recording artist C-Rayz Walz to commence in the Summer of 2011, and take place in Minneapolis, Chicago, Detroit, St. Louis, and Cincinnati. Along with the relentless touring they've been doing, they've managed to record two music videos for singles off their upcoming full-length LP, Definition 4. And will be releasing a full-length documentary from Director Rodney Perkins titled Miles Away. The film covers the story of PLOT and chronicles their struggle to rise from the down and out artistically impoverished Midwest, into the highly competitive Hip Hop music scene. They are also going to be releasing the single, Metropolitan Theme, for worldwide distribution on Amazon through the Indianapolis-based Recording Label, Audio Recon.

Aside from producing all original music, and recording themselves, PLOT has now successfully started fusing Hip Hop with Dubstep pushing their music even further outside the norm and into an area that is all its own. As they continue to book bigger and better shows, they also continue to build their following, breaking the rules of electronic music, and having a lot of fun along the way.


Metropolitan Theme

Written By: S. Greeno J. Kerkhoff

Every night when people lie asleep, safe in their dreams, are you burning up the streets tryna hold back the screams? With a sad song and a Metropolitan Theme, my thoughts are all morbid like a homicide crime scene. Self-destruct sequence with the suicidal tendencies, my souls been torn to shreds, hand you the threads like, "could you mend it, please?" I sit with myself and I cynically complain to my multiple personalities that are clinically insane.


Written By: S. Greeno J. Kerkhoff

Indiana, I stand with my hands to my sides, lookin right in the camera as they read me my rights. While the sharp eyes of the dark night sky shine on the land that God long abandoned.


Written By: S. Greeno J. Kerkhoff

We realized that the atom could be weaponized, so we devised a plan to cheat and terrorize, the shear size of the blast had us mesmerized. So get wise the Apocalypse is on the rise.

A nice bright flash in the distance, tears through you in an instant vicious like the scream of an infant. Crashin' through you city like an epidemic, black rain drippin from the drain flames lickin up the still plains.

The shrills of the slane wain like a swoopin cranin movin through the souls of the dead like a lonesome train. My thoughts is on the Nagasaki bomb, tryna fathom how we got from Adam and Eve to the Eve of the Atom, grab you magnum.

The screams of madness fill the breeze like leaves, when that capsule hit the ground like Christopher Reeves.


LP: Definition 4 Summer 2011