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Dallas, Texas, United States | SELF

Dallas, Texas, United States | SELF
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"Rebel Rod’s Revelations"

“These guys have a maturity about their sound that is incredibly deceiving. . . I have always felt to play this kind of music one would have had to have gone through some life crisis to be able . . . to obtain this level of maturity. Now I know I either have always been wrong about this theory, or Plowboy have been possessed by the rock ‘n roll gods, or they have been exposed to some great music in their short lives. I tend to believe it’s the latter.” - Rodney Ames

"Front Row, D Magazine"

“Plowboy can do the job. Within two minutes of watching them play, I decided Plowboy was already better than 50 percent of the bands I’ve seen in my lifetime . . . the majority of these boys haven’t even hit their first growth spurt and they are already kicking out jams in downtown Dallas bars. Plowboy may never achieve Radish-like notoriety, but they are already doing more impressive things than your kid.” - ~ Dick Sullivan


The Demos - 2010

Headlong & Roaming- 2012



If you close your eyes, and spin a song, say Illusions, from Plowboy’s first CD “The Demos”, you’ll likely fade into a warp somewhere between the late 1960s and early 1970s. Just a dash of The Doors you think you might hear, or maybe it’s a little wail of a Jimmy Page-ish lick. And there’s that voice, a little pitched up bundle of electricity, throttled back, bound up in a wad of energy so dense it throbs. There’s the unbridled thumping of a rhythm section driving, pushing, but never out of sync. And there’s the poetry, and the perfect phrasing, and the unique melodic sense.
You’re not going to be alone in thinking you’re listening to a band you somehow missed in the heyday of hardcore rock, or the grunge poetic masters that evolved out of the electric 70s. So, when you open your eyes, and the band you’re seeing there in the picture, on YouTube, on the stage, are not a bunch of gray-haired, bearded, crease-visaged old men, but instead are a bunch of 12- and 13-year-olds who have the growls, and the licks, and the rock hair down pat, if not the beards, then you’ll really be lost in a warp.
Make no mistake, Plowboy is the reincarnation of everything that was great about the best rock ever. They are original. They are for real. And they will be for a long, long time. And if you see them, know you’re a witness to history.