Plowshare is a band comprised of 5 members, each with a unique musical backround which we combine to create music that is cohesive, passionate and rocks hard.


The band had it's origins on a construction site where Travis Willson and Sam Nooney began to share musical asperations. Travis' was in the folk-punk band Arming the Amish. Sam was in the progressive instrumental band Pictures of the Infinite. The two had previously rejected each others styles but, as they became friends they began to understand and appreciate each others styles. Some time later the first practice took place in November of 2007 with the addition of friends Dave Hannon and Jeremy VanSice. The first songs were written by Travis and each member contributing their own style. With the evolution of the band; Plowshare is writing more music as a unit. Jesse Nooney came on board in January 2010 bringing with him his classical piano skills and a talent for composition. The focus of the group continues to be the most important thing in their lives as well as the most important thing in the universe; the love of Jesus Christ. Plowshares influnces include System of a Down, Muse, The Larwence Arms, Spocks Beard, American Steel, Nightwish, Korn, Me Without You, The Psalters, Porcupine Tree, Toby Mac and Jesus.


Untitled Demo with 6 tracks.

Set List

Our Typical set includes some or all of the following songs and can last over an hour with no covers.

Use an Accordian (Go to Jail)
Furthermore Love
This is Your Life
One Day as a Puppeteer
More than Conquerors
Howie Long
Broken Heart Surgery
Humble Thyself
Rise Up
Prisoner of Hope
Rad Company