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Ranging from high-energy collaborations to subtly thought-provoking individual pieces, this interactive performance will change the way you think of poetry and spoken word.


We are a collaboration of individual spoken word artists who got together to put small town Ontario on the national radar. With distinct styles ranging from classical poetry to empassioned spoken word to hip hop, we are more than the sum of our parts when we come together. Using sound poetry, beat boxing, rhythm, rhyme, humour, politics, sexuality, and insight, our key is to be accessible to diverse audiences, always pushing the boundaries of art and thought.


PLUG - Poetry SLAM Team; Book of poetry (2008)
demo by Ziy (2008)
Hineini - chapbook by Ziy (2007)

Set List

P-P-P-Poetry - all
Freestlye Intro - all
Dig Deep - B-girl Studious
Yoga in the Park - Soul Natural
Now or Never - Ziy with Soul Natural
Fire - Ziy
Mo' than a MoFo - Ziy with B-girl Studious
Ancient Kings - B-Girl Studious
Delicate Simple Courage - Soul Natural
Ancient Kings - B-Girl Studious
OUT - B-girl Studious
The Contract - Fraser
Late - Fraser
First First - Ziy with Fraser
Science & Secular Society - All

Sets can range from 30 mins to 60 mins. Pieces performed vary depending on the audience.