"PLUGGER is the new thing that will shake Rock from its paralysis"-ENNIO MORRICONE.
We do PLUGS,not remixes,not mash-ups,not covers,we do PLUGS,a new musical genre = "original" tracks written and produced using ONLY fragments of a musical legend's discography_re\use_re\duce_re\cycle


The project PLUGGER takes shape in the misty and smoky belly of the post industrial ruins of Berlin, sun-dried with a touch of mediterranean breeze, and it’s gaining a good credit among european showbiz insiders.

Their debut release “This is Not a record” is about to hit the web and PLUGGER has already gained attention for inventing a new musical genre, the PLUG, has started a little revolution in liveshows introducing full real time audio-visual interactivity with the crowd through the smartphone,and has indicated a new way to get out of the dead end of illegal download introducing his native software FREELLA, that could start a massive change in distributing audiovisual content on the net.

After the showcases in Berlin and Rome, two unique and interactive liveshows, PLUGGER is preparing to hit Italy again with a great concert in Milan, sponsored by MTV at Museo Della Permanente, March 28th, to celebrate the first single WAXOLINE, a Plug entirely made from micro fragments of BeachBoys tracks, and the official videoclip, which is not a videoclip at all but a piece of videoart, a collective performance of more than 80 people, a metaphore of humanity itself, through a matrix, a living sequencer, where life flows in microscopic loops inspired by Brueghel, where music and beat chain together the karma and vices and virtues become a kaleiodscope of fractals combining together the trademark and philosophy of PLUGGER.


Waxoline - (single 2013)
You've Got to Get - (single 2013)

"This is Not a record" - (upcoming debut album 2013)