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"Getting a Little Nutty with Plum Crazy"

Plum Crazy is a local band, made up of 5 members, who are all connected to MCLA in their own way.
Jamie Choquette plays lead guitar, does some singing and helps to write some of the songs. Kristen Long is the lead singer. Matt Jenkins plays bass and sings some back-up vocals. Greg Caproni plays the rhythm guitar. The final member of the band, Dave Luczynski, plays the drums.
The band got a start in February of 2002 and according to their website they have, "been fine tuning their sound and the keen ability to reproduce the songs we all know and love."
Jenkins and Choquette had been members in another band, Dr. Isosceles, for about three years when they decided to break off and start a project of their own. Caproni, who wanted to be a drummer in a band then added to the group. Jenkins, who was an avid biker, went into a local bike shop and met Long and Luczynski, who also joined the band at that point.
"The most remarkable part of it is that everything came together all at once, so we could all be in this together. At one point in time I had known all of them and it's great that it could all come together with these five people," said Luczynski.
The band is very connected to the college also. Choquette has been the Assistant Director of Lifelong Learning here at MCLA for 4 years now. He is also an alumni. He graduated in 1997 with a Fine and Performing Arts Major. Long is a commuter student and is a senior this year.
Jenkins and Caproni both have connections to the school as well. Luczynski is also an alumni of the college. He graduated in 1995. "I think it's great that everyone is connected to the school in some way," said Choquette.
The band does a variety of music. Some cover songs and some original music. According to the band's website, "Their set includes songs performed by No Doubt, Alanis Morrisette, Nelly Furtado, Janes Addiction, and Jewel, just to name a few."
"It's a lot of fun. One thing is, even if people like different kinds of music, once we get going, either in practice or a show, people that come to see us seem to enjoy themselves, and we have a great time too," said Long.
The band will be performing on September 26, at LaCocina in Pittsfield at 10 pm. They will also be performing at Heritage State Park on September 29 from 3-4:30 pm.
You can check out the band at their website the site includes: photos, ways to contact the band, show schedules, downloads, and much more.
To contact the band you can e-mail them at - The Beacon (Author: Jenn Gerry)

"Review of Plum Crazy, Cauterize, and Eve 6 Show, October 3, 2003"

Isn't it great when you show up to a rock show early expecting to see some crappy bands before you get to see the headliner, and the openers totally blow your mind. That's what happened to me Last night. I've wanted to see Eve 6 for a while now and I got a chance to do so before they hit the 'bigger' venues later this month with good charlotte.
I missed all but the last minute of the first fellow. Can't remember his name (John?) but what I heard sounded pretty cool. Then Plum Crazy hit the stage. After the opening drum flurry I knew they were going to be good. Then I was blasted in the face when the rest of the band came in and the crowd started to get excited. They had a TON of energy and rocked really hard. Finally their lead singer Kristen took the stage and let fly with a load of power and a great voice. It was awesome. Normally I don't like chick rock, but these guys are not typical 'whoa is me' bologna, it's just straight up good music with so much energy I couldn't help but jump around. Jamie plays one MEAN guitar solo too, what a great line-up. They really fly when they're rockin'!
I wasn't expecting much from cauterize considering their name but I was quite impressed. I'm really into punk-pop and these guys do a great job. Just intricate enough to be musically interesting, but something you can really bounce to if you want.
Eve6 was next and they didn't disappoint. They looked like they were really having a good time and were really funny on stage. Sometimes you see bands and it just looks like they are tired of playing and don't have much energy, but this was a good night. They played everything I wanted to hear and really did a great job keeping the crowd involved which I love. But I guess what can you say otherwise, they're a touring rock band so they must be good right?
Altogether this was a great show, I expected to see Eve 6 and be rocked, but I didn't expect as much from Plum Crazy and cauterize. I'm really glad I got there early enough because they both wailed. Especially PC, I can't wait to see them again, and they were all hanging out at their merch table signing stuff and having a few drinks which is really cool. So I got to meet them all. See you soon guys. - (Author: javajenna)

"Plum Crazy grows up"

The opening band for Eve 6 stole the show, getting the crowd energized, captivating with their pop tunes and strong stage presence. The members of Plum Crazy are headed by Krissi Long, a bouncy songstress who strutted along the stage, jumping, rocking out, and enjoying every ounce of the music. Her enormous voice and flawless stage image charged the crowd and set the pace for the night's festivities.

Along with four guys in the band, Jamie Choquette (guitar, vocals), Matt Jenkins (bass, vocals), Greg Caproni (guitar) and Davey Luczynski (drums), Long launched into a set list, including impressive covers and satisfactory originals alike. Tossing her long hair over her shoulder and combining silly antics with a talented vocal range, the front woman commanded the band, acting as composer to the bevy of musicians at her feet. The audience also fell into her trap, waving their hands, screaming, and jumping right along with her.

With the release of their debut album rapidly approaching, the quintet is hoping to break through into the music business with a strong musical background and a hefty amount of songwriting experience under their collective belt. The disc, named "Remember That Time" in its initial pre-release version, compiles ten of the group's best, a list that shares time between teen pop songwriting attempts and classic covers.

On the album, there are songs that instantly catch hold in the listener's head, latching on and playing over and over. Those are the melodious tunes, the ones that remain steadfast to the inevitable pop equation of pretty voice and good beat repetition. The album is a little to sugar-pop for most Eve 6 fans, and the songs are just a tad to reminiscent of many other mainstream acts over the last few years, even the band's self-proclaimed "angry song" ("Thorn") seems little more than a teenage relationship gone sour and put to music. But, since the combination has proven so victorious in the past, why not continue to exhaust it? Take, for example, the songs "Tragedy" and "Lose Me." Long's haunting voice begins the catchy tune and carries the listener through a maze of strong vocal talent, repeated drum beats, and toe-tapping enjoyment. The solemn "Tragedy" plays an appropriate foil to "Lose Me," but both seem like products of Britney crossed with Michelle. Then again, the one cover on "Remember That Time", the Mamas and the Papas' "California Dreamin'" is artistically done and a spectacular rendition of an already good song... - BY JEN THOMAS The Beacon

"Plum Crazy to Record Key West Appearance"

NORTH ADAMS, Mass - Regional rock band Plum Crazy has announced a live appearance at Key West on State Street on Friday at 10 p.m. The band, which hales from the Northern Berkshire/Southern Vermont area, will record portions of this performance for their upcoming album. The band is currently working on studio recordings of the 12-track CD that will feature a special "live" segment, including the April 11 performance.
Plum Crazy formed in early 2002 and features lead vocalist Krissi Long of Bennington, Vt. backed up by bassist Matt Jenkins of North Adams, drummer Davey Luczynski of Williamstown, and guitarists Jamie Choquette of Stamford, Vt. and Greg Caproni of North Adams.
In a short amount of time the group has developed a huge repertoire of cover songs, a full album's worth of original music, and played scores of shows in the tri-state area - including Boston and an exhaustive list of venues in the Berkshires.
Originally conceived as a cover band, original music made its way into the band's repertoire early on. The band is currently recording its debut album (untitled at this date) and plans to release the album in the fall of 2003.
Plum Crazy has also scored a number of notable honors over the last year. In April of 2002, Plum Crazy beat 10 other bands in the semi-finals of the Northern Lights Battle of the Bands in Clifton Park, N.Y. and in January of 2003, the band competed in the finals of the same competition and placed second out of 70 bands.
As a result, the band will open for a national touring act sometime in early 2003.
The band will perform in Bennington, Vt. at JC's Tavern on April 18, AJ's Place on April 19 and will open for Albert J. Cummings at Mattison's Brewery on May 3 as a part of the Cinco de Mayo celebration.
For more information on Plum Crazy, go to or call 802-694-1373.
- Bennington Banner, Thursday April 10, 2003, Arts & Entertainment Section, Page 6A


"Remember That Time . . . " (full length album)

Buy the album at:

Digital Downloads available at iTunes. Search for "Plum Crazy." Also available at Rhapsody, MusicNet and other digital download locations online.



Plum Crazy formed in early 2002. In a short amount of time they have developed a huge repertoire of cover songs, well over an album’s worth of original music, and played hundreds of shows in New York, Vermont, and Massachusetts (including Boston, central MA, and an exhaustive list of venues in the Berkshires). They have also sold hundreds of their CDs and developed a loyal following of the best fans for which a band could ever hope.

Originally conceived as a cover band, original music made its way into the band’s repertoire early on. Since then, Plum Crazy devotes most of their time to original set club performances and recording their 2nd full-length album. The band released their first album "Remember That Time..." in the summer of 2004 at the Iron Horse Music Hall in Northampton, MA. They are currently recording their second album and actively performing throughout New England.

*Opens for Eve 6 a second time in March 2004
*April 2002 - Beat ten other bands in the semi-finals of Northern Lights' "Battle of the Bands."
*January 2003 - Competed in Northern Lights' "Battle of the Bands" finals and placed 2nd out of 70 bands. As a result, Plum Crazy was able to open for Eve 6 in October 2003.
*July 2003 - Placed 2nd in Pearl Street Nightclub's "Battle of the Bands."