Plum Crazy

Plum Crazy

 Petaluma, California, USA

Plum Crazy is an expressive and original group of five experienced and dedicated musicians from Northern California. They are a groove/jam based band playing a danceable mix of genre-bending music including rock, pop, funk and bluegrass.


When asked to describe Plum Crazy’s music, people often find difficulty mustering the words. Perhaps the song, Blade of Grass sums it up best with “I’ve got funk in my soul, bluegrass on my mind…” and later “I’ve got blues in my soul, reggae on my mind...” With five songwriters, the music explores a wide gamut of styles bound to a common groove that is prevalent in all their songs, bridging the gap between jam and pop.

“This band has chops. But the best part about Plum Crazy is their ability to write songs....”
-NorthEast In-Tune (now Indie In-Tune).

“… a blend of jam-happy music, jazz fusion funk, alt country, soulful vocals, sweet two-part harmonies and mad song-writing skills that create hypnotizing melodies…”

“These are clearly talented and versatile musicians, all of which are active participants in an ever-evolving rhythmic scheme that seems to have a mind of its own.”
-The Owl Mag

The seed was planted for Plum Crazy when vocalist Shawna Anderson and Josh Yenne (guitar) started writing songs and singing together back in 2000. When Josh met drummer Skip Urmson, the three sought to form a band with their unique vision. After some lineup changes, likeminded musicians were found in Daniel Savio (keys) and Justin Hellman (bass) who bring years of classical and jazz experience and more great songwriting.

Plum Crazy has been wowing audiences throughout Northern California and Hawaii. Radio stations all along California and nationwide have been spinning Plum Crazy’s debut album, as has Sirius Radio’s Jam On channel. In 2005, Plum Crazy won Relix magazine’s JamOff, where they traveled to NYC to play in the JamOff Showcase. Plum Crazy has had the pleasure to share the stage with many great acts, including Tea Leaf Green, Garaj Mahal, The Motet, The Mother Hips, Melvin Seals & JGB, and David Nelson (NRPS), among others.

With recording underway for their second release, Plum Crazy continues to garner new fans at their unique live shows. Knowing how to effectively mix tightly composed songs and exploratory improvisation into a set is a hallmark of this band. As one reviewer puts it “…I implore you to check this band out. Buy their CD, go to their shows, pick up a t-shirt and tell your friends. Get on board now before these five stellar musicians are forced to hide behind a wall of security.”


Santa Cruz

Written By: Josh Yenne

I said I've gotta leave Santa Cruz before I've been here too long.
Cause I don't have the energy to write another sad sad song.
And her face is like a melody inside my head.
But the melody's much closer, I think I'll sing it instead.

La la la la la.

And pieces of a broken day end up on a page.
While the battles inside my head continue to rage.
And he testifies in Santa Cruz, he speaks to the sea.
And pieces of a melody continue to repeat.

La la la la la....

And he picks up his guitar and he begins to play.
And he forgets that she left him only yesterday...
He's hittin the road. He's got himself free.
And pieces of the melody continue to repeat.

La la la la la.......

I said I've gotta leave Santa Cruz before I've been here too long.


Written By: Josh Yenne

Caught a wink from her right eye
ay yay yay
I'm Gonna keep it today
But I, oh I, I want to stay.

Tatoo and a tie dye
Out of Wilson, PA
But she, oh she, sure got away.

2 o clock in the morning
I can't feel my brain
Please say, oh say, say it again.

We reached to turn out the lights,
we, we can sleep till noon.
And tunes, yes tunes, they fill the room.

Close your eyes to open up your mind.
Feel the rhythm keep keepin' our time.
Cause one day soon this will all be gone.
The perfect scene and the perfect song.


Plum Crazy - E.P. Phone Home - 2007

Plum Crazy - Self Titled debut album - 2005

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Radio Stations Going Plum Crazy:

---- SIRIUS Satellite Radio Play
---- WSMU 91.1 FM at U Mass Dartmouth
---- KWMR 90.5 FM in Marin
---- KZYX 88.3/90.7/91.5 FM in Mendocino
---- KHUM 104.7/104.3 FM in Humboldt
---- KMUD 91.1/88.3/90.3 FM in Humboldt
---- KPFK 90.7 FM in Los Angeles
---- JPR in Ashland Oregon and Beyond
---- KMBY 103.9 FM in Santa Cruz
---- KZSC 88.1 FM in Santa Cruz
---- KCSB 91.9 FM in Santa Barbara
---- small WORLD to podcast from San Diego
---- The KRUSH 95.9/95.5 FM in Santa Rosa
---- KVMR 89.5 FM Nevada City, 105.1 FM in Truckee

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Set List

We usually play between 12-14 songs in a set, which is about an hour to an hour and a half of music. We have about 35 originals and 7 covers.

Example Set 1:

Santa Cruz
Young and Strong
Lost Words
Piper's Tune
Sunset on 77th
Little Sally Blues
Hunky Dory
City Was Gone (cover, Pretenders)

Example Set 2:

Blade of Grass
Romantic Poets
Man in Me (cover, Bob Dylan)
Fly Paper
Six Pack
Been Lost Once (cover, Mother Hips)
Hopped a Train
Darkness of the Mind
Waiting in Vain (cover, Bob Marley)
Mona Lisa Smile

Example Set 3:

Your Eyes
Welcome to this World
Girl from Milwaukee
River Song
Starved for Beauty
What is and What Should Never Be (cover, Zeppelin)
Dread Stripe
Miss Friday Night
Condition (My Condition Was In) (cover, Kenny Rogers)