Plum  Dumplings

Plum Dumplings



We are playing about 5 years togerther. The music we play is based on guitars and mix the punk, alternative and indie rock. All out songs are writen in french language.

In music we ae inspired by Radiohead, PJ Harvey, QOTSA, etc. In textes we let us inspire by the stories of the people and also literal storie like Nadja from Breton or L´écume des jours from Boris Vian. Our objective is share energy and the stories.

We are from Brno and we like the festival Colours of Ostrava.


2 EPs, working on CD

Set List

Je doute
L´épitaphe des papillons
Des choses a dire
La voie perdue
Changer l´endriot
Malgré les obstacles
Funebre song
Le monde imaginaire
Le clafoutis
La Birmanie