Plum Jam Texas

Plum Jam Texas


We are a unique group with the ability to sing 4-5 part harmonies. You are drawn to the sounds the group creates; i.e. mandolin, dojo, harmonica, guitars and harmonies.


Blend of country bluegrass rock and Gospel. Hard rocking song with a banjo or mandolin. Ballad with heavy rock guitar. Six vocalists with dang'd good harmonies.

FAN BASE - Wild Plums

Les and Nancy have been working in music for many years. Several years ago Troy and Ben started coming to their church for wednesday night youth band practice and a relationship began. Not long after, Robert joined and finally Roland who truly has made it complete. The group is called "Plum Jam". There is no doubt that Nancy makes the best wild plum jam in the flatlands. Les is in charge of harvesting the plums.

Genre of Music: What the band likes! It ranges from popular top 40 songs to a song that no one has ever heard to an original. You never know what direction this band may go but it is always fun and filled with heart and soul.

A lone vocalist will quickly be joined by 1, 2 or even 3 or 4 harmonies that reverberate in the ear with sweet sensations.

The ingredients for the musical Plum Jam include:

Les Walker - drums, guitar, bass, vocals and harmonies.
Nancy Walker- vocals, percussion, guitar and harmonies
Troy White - harmonica, guitar, banjo, dojo, bass, vocals and harmonies
Roland Holder - mandolin, guitar, bass, percussion, vocals and harmonies
Robert Torres - guitar, bass, percussion, vocals and harmonies
Ben white - guitar, lap steel, vocals and harmonies

Plum Jam is currently in the studio working on their first album. They are hoping for a spring cd release!

Les and Nancy Walker have just finished their current album "Angels Cried".

Set List

We provide our own PA if necessary
Can work with any size room
2-6 people - set list and group size varies depending on venue
Fee negotiable 

Gig List

B-Man's Barbecue, bi-annual bash, Shallowater, Texas
Mi Taco Village, Lubbock, Texas
Zulas Coffee House, Waxahachie, Texas
Tornado Gallery, Peggys Garden, Lubbock, Texas
Jack and Diane's, Lubbock, Texas
Abernathy Shindig, Abernathy, Texas
La Diosa Cellars, Lubbock, Texas
Annual Gospel Jamboree, FBC, Wilson, Texas
Blue Bird Cafe, Nashville, Tennessee
Loop Baptist Church, Loop, Texas
Gospel Jamboree, First Baptist Church, Wilson, Texas