Plum Run

Plum Run

 Phillipsburg, New Jersey, USA

This amazing duo Plum Run, Lisa Godino and Chuck Winch, known for their outstanding songwriting and haunting sound derives from Old Time, Bluegrass, Country and Folk music. These two performers are captivating, sit back and enjoy this rare treasure.


With the voice of an Angel, Lisa has a special gift that captures the souls and spirits of others in her songs. Coloring a picture with her dynamic tones and powerful lyrics, she puts you right there in the song.
From the battlefields of Gettysburg, to the fields of Kentucky with Henry's mighty mules, she has mastered the fine art of story telling.
Growing up in Raritan NJ, Lisa was influenced by a variety of music and as a child always enjoyed composing poems.
Lisa hauntingly beautiful originals evoke the civil war and the mythos of an American landscape of an earlier era. Her pure voice and rhythm guitar lend themselves well to the poignant ballads, lively cowgirl yodels, and country classics that are included in her repertoire.

Her long-time partner Chuck Winch, a native of NJ, and also a talented songwriter, collaborates in the writing of some songs. Chuck plays banjo and guitar in a wide range of folk, bluegrass, and country styles and has been performing professionally for over 20 years. He was a founding member of the Buffalo Hollow Bluegrass Band, and has performed with the Jugtown Mtn. String Band, the Dirdy Birdies Jug Band, and Lew Gelfond's Hotfootin' Travellers as well as solo, and has shared the stage with some of top names in folk, pop, and bluegrass in the course of his career. He also teaches banjo and guitar and has given workshops in performance and music history at schools, museums, festivals, and other events.
Together they have created a body of beautiful music.
Please sit back and enjoy this rare treasure.

Plum Run plays, Bluegrass, Country, Old Time and Folk music that is lively and engaging, and appeals to families and folks of all ages. Their performances are ideal for any occasion where upbeat entertainment and good cheer are required. Among their specialties are Songs of the West, Bluegrass, Civil War songs and originals, sing-alongs, and country dance favorites.



Written By: Lisa Godino

78 west bound heading for the PA line
Minding my own business, listen to the radio passing time
Then a voice came over the CB, a familiar sound that I know oh so well
He said "tanker where you going? Do you mind if we chat for a little while?"
So we talked about the weather and we talked about country, we talked about the men who die and shed their blood for thy, we talked about salvation and we talked about generations and we talked about one other thing that almost made me cry
And he said "my handle Superman, but I don't feel like a superman today, you see on on my way to Chicago and my kids wanted me home on Christmas day"
And the wind blew hard, as we rolled that road, and I knew in his heart, he would go, yes he would go, down that road
And just before my exit, there was one thing I wanted him to know, "it was very nice to met you, I hope I made you feel a little at home"
And his words keep echoing down that road
"My handle Superman, but I don't feel like a superman today, you see I'm on my way to Chicago, and my kids wanted me home on Christmas day"

I've been truckin' for 19 years. This song was inspired but a real event. Thank you for taking the time to read. Lisa Godino "Plum Run"


No Glory Here Today 2001
No Longer Gray Or Blue 2007

Set List

1 hr, 2 hr, 3 hr Shows:

The repertoire of original selections include:
14 songs from the new CD
No Longer Gray or Blue

13 Songs to be included in an
upcoming album

The band's repertoire includes selections from:
Patsy Cline
Hank Williams
Bill Monroe
Johnny Cash
Patsy Montana
Tammy Wynette
and much more.