Plunket is a high-energy, keyboard-based, fun-loving, hard-working, nationally-touring pop-rock band. Over hyphenated, long winded descriptions aside, Plunket boils down to one thing: fun. They've recently played with the Plain White T's and Quiet Drive while their songs were strong on top 40 charts


Plunket is a high-energy, keyboard-based, fun-loving, hard-working, pop-rock band based in the suburbs of Chicago. Over hyphenated, long winded descriptions aside, Plunket boils down to one thing: fun.

Hailing from just outside Chicago, Illinois (Darien, Downers Grove, and Woodridge to be exact), Plunket has seen many friends and colleagues become successful in the music industry during their 4 year tenure. They’ve decided that it’s their time to step up and take the reigns. After nearly 300 shows, 3 “gas money EPs” selling out at 1,000 copies each and trips to every corner of the country, they’ve decided to knock themselves into high gear and really get things rolling.

In the spring of 2007 Plunket traveled to sunny Southern California to make the album of their dreams with producer Mike Milligan at the helms. “It was a great experience, we had done a bit of pre-production out there about a year prior to our current trip and we knew that the environment and the setting would be ideal to come out to record.” Singer and guitarist Chris Samsa, 21 said.

“It’s a different world, there’s a lot of positive, fun energy, as compared to the dreary winters of Chicago. We love being from Chicago, but coming completely out of our element to write and put these songs down on tape really brought out the best in us.” He continued.

There’s one thing that Plunket surely has shown; persistence. As they were preparing for the recording of their upcoming release, All We’ve Got Is This, they had their longtime drummer pull the rug out from under them and leave the band. The remaining members didn’t let it drag them down, and they immediately called longtime friend, Jaysen Vana to fill the void. They worked mostly 8-10 hour days, 6 days a week in their practice space, and they held their commitment to record the album in California early in 2007.

With Jaysen came the addition of Joey Saguto, adding depth, talent and energy to Plunket’s live performances, Joey has certainly been a second breath of fresh air into Plunket’s overall presence and persona.

This change in lineup has lit the fire under Plunket, as they are pulling out all the stops. Along with the independant release of their album will come the release of their first fully-produced music video for their first single, “Baby Steps.” they’ll also be hitting the road in their road-ready, self-converted short bus. “We don’t want to be home. Every night that I can spend a half an hour on stage with my best friends having the time of my life is a good night in my book. If we’re in a new place, helping new people have a good time every night, that’s the life right there if you ask me.” Keyboardist and vocalist, Tom Tiede, 21 said. “Our goal every night is to give people a good time, even if just for a half an hour.”

It’s clear that Plunket plans on bringing themselves and others a good time for a long time to come.

Plunket’s new album, “All We’ve Got Is This” is available through the band at shows, on iTunes, or on, where it debuted in the top 100.

Plunket recently played with The Plain White T's as well as Quiet Drive while their songs were strong on the top 40 radio charts. At their show with the Plain White T's they sold CDs to nearly 10% of the sold out crowd.

Plunket has endorsements from DDRUM, Knucklehead Strings, Dirty Shirty Clothing, Full Armor Clothing, and Pierced Clothing. These endorsments include Plunket's news and tourdates being included in web updates as well as future print opportunities.

Plunket's tours are booked by Ryan Doyle of Hatchback Booking.
Ph: (716) 481 4085

For local and spot-booking opportunies, e-mail: or call (630)660-9431

Plunket is embarking on a 10 day run of their favorite cities in November before staying home and doing some major holiday-time shows in the Chicago area, and then heading out on full-scale national tour in early January. Their tentitive routing is below.

Tentitive national tour routing:
TH 1/10/08-Indianapolis, IN
FR 1/11/08-Detroit, MI
SA 1/12/08-Toledo, OH
SU 1/13/08-Cleveland, OH
MO 1/14/08-OFF
TU 1/15/08-Erie, PA
WE 1/16/08-Buffalo, NY
TH 1/17/08-Rochester, NY
FR 1/18/08-Albany, NY
SA 1/19/08-Pittsfield, MA
SU 1/20/08-Boston, MA
MO 1/21/08-OFF
TU 1/22/08-New York, NY
WE 1/23/08-Philidelphia, PA
TH 1/24/08-Baltimore, MD
FR 1/25/08-Richmond, VA
SA 1/26/08-Raleigh, NC
SU 1/27/08-Charleston, SC
MO 1/28/08-Jacksonville, FL
TU 1/29/08-Tallahassee, FL
WE 1/30/08-New Orleans, LA
TH 1/31/08-Houston, TX
FR 2/1/08-San Antonio, TX
SA 2/2/08-Austin, TX
SU 2/3/08-Denton, TX
MO 2/4/08-Las Cruces, NM
TU 2/5/08-Phoenix, AZ
WE 2/6/08-Las Vegas, NV
TH 2/7/08-Los Angeles, CA
FR 2/8/08-Bakersfield, CA
SA 2/9/08-Sacramento, CA
SU 2/10/08-Salt Lake City, UT
MO 2/11/08-Cheyenne, WY
TU 2/12/08-Lincoln, NE
WE 2/13/08-Omaha, NE
TH 2/14/08-Chicago, IL


All We've Got Is This (2007)
Break Your Mirror EP (2005)

Set List

Typical sets are 30 minutes to an hour of original material.