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Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, United States

Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, United States
Band Rock Pop


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This band has not uploaded any videos



"plus 3 - late nights and lost causes (CD review)"

Three Quotes from the article written by Brian Baker of Stereotype Magazine:

-- "It’s relatively easy to sound like the Beatles now that the template’s been established. It’s quite another to take the inherent influence and turn it into something original, fresh and exciting. That’s a big part of Plus 3’s pop magic."

-- "Throughout the record (Late Nights and Lost Causes), Plus 3 exhibits plenty of potent pop diversity, from the R.E.M.-with-a-beating-pop-heart thrill of “Get Up” and the Jimmy Eat World/Green Day emo styling of “Prom (This Could Be the Night)” to the exquisite electric balladry of “Imitations” and the bittersweet observations of “Hippie Drug Girl.”

-- "Plus 3 is already playing like they’re on the national stage; someone in charge at the Big Time should be paying attention." - stereotype magazine - gallery of sound

"Music Update - Local Music in Review"

Three quotes from the article written by Mark Uricheck of

-- "Plus 3's follow up to 2003's Bad Math (Late Nights and Lost Causes) is more musically adventurous, confident, and shows a band that is capable of forging their own distinct sound and identity."

-- "Think Weezer without all the intentional geekiness. Plus 3's capable of a fun, rocking good time, but with plenty of heart in it."

-- (On Late Nights and Lost Causes:) "The band sounds tighter than they've ever been, and where their last album was an enjoyable listen, this one will grab you. Sonically, this record is about as good as it gets on a local level..."

- NEPA Today

"Sights & Sounds - The Long Drive Home (CD Reviews)"

Four Quotes from Electric City CD review of Bad Math written by Mike Evans (not the one in the band):

--"Sparkling intelligent guitar pop blasting out of Northeastern Pennsylvania? You bet! Bad Math is the full-length debut from the latest incarnation of local favorites Plus ..."

--"Bad Math really is a solid album, locally produced or otherwise. The songwriting talents of Krakosky and guitarist Michael Evans (NOT ME - a different Mike Evans) are evident throughout the entire set. No two songs sound alike and the guys are certainly confident within any style they choose. "

-- "Listen closely enough and you'll detect echoes of everyone from Barenaked Ladies to Toad The Wet Sprocket to forgotten Seattle popsters Super Deluxe. It all shines and it's all good."

--"Plus 3 are a young hungry outfit already making better music than a lot of the national acts out there."
- Electric City, Knight-Ridder, Scranton, PA

"Prides of March"

Two Quotes from the article in Electric City, written by Gene Padden:

-- "While the first disc paraded track after track of acoustic pop/rock that seemed written specifically for adult contemporary hit radio, this new disc has a personality more relative to the band, with several songs reaching out to younger listeners."

--"Plus 3 is entirely self-managed, but you'd never know it by looking at its schedule. Last year, Plus 3 opened for Fleetwood Mac at Montage Mountain, played the Woodstock Reunion, and qualified for the "American Music Awards Presents the Coca-Cola New Music Award" competition." - Electric City, Knight-Ridder, Scranton, PA


happy little accidents (EP) - 2002
bad math (LP) - 2003 - 4 tracks received regional radio airplay (queen of the crane game, holidays are for hallmark, by the sea, thank you)
late nights and lost causes - 2005 - 4 tracks
currently receiving regional radio airplay (retrace your steps, nerve, get up, meteors)
greatest misses - 2007
"the storm" (single) - 2009



Based out of Northeastern Pennsylvania, the rootsy modern-rock band Plus 3 was formed in 2000 and immediately started working on original material. Just three months after getting together, the prolific group unveiled its first EP, "happy little accidents," which contained the track
"I Won't Be Around" - a song chosen as a Top-10 finalist in a nationwide poll for inclusion in a Hollywood Pictures film.

In 2003, the band released the critically-acclaimed "Bad Math," an eclectic mix of radio-ready gems that helped the group gain regional airplay and led to it being voted Northeastern Pennsylvania's "Best Original Band." Critics praised the band's musicianship, songwriting and vocal talents and described "Bad Math" as one of the year's best albums and "a strong collection of straight-ahead roots-rock anchored by a fine sense of melody and crafty lyrics."

"Late Nights and Lost Causes," the group's second full-length album garnered radio airplay and more critical praise. The 11-song CD - which features the soaring, soulful and uplifting rocker "Get Up," the romantic and thoughtful "Meteors," the Stones-esque "Retrace Your Steps" and the melodic and pop-infected "Nerve" - clearly shows a group that continues to grow as songwriters and musicians. Featuring lead vocals from three members and songwriting contributions from everyone in the band, "Late Nights and Lost Causes" reveals a band that is ready for a national audience.