Strasbourg, Alsace, FRA

Plus Guest do handsome french garage pop, fast and loud, carelessly sensual and destructive, like funeral party meeting les savy fav.


Generally applied to those who are in charge of rock concerts opening, the name « plus guest » is consequently indissociable from all saturated support bands. With such a name, the quartet from Strasbourg could, not without mischief, take pride in an international radiance. Relatively speaking, Plus Guest has already quite expanded throughout Europe with more than 200 gigs of amplified servitude (France, Spain, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Belgium) and abrasive hymns as hectic as efficient. Carried by a licentious energy and a furiously inspired debut album, Plus Guest is currently recording its 2nd album, to be released in fall 2011 and announced as a cross between the MC5, the Hives’energy, Funeral Party, Tokyo Police Club, and will be on tour starting from October.
Plus Guest live : big stage presence and charisma, singer out of control, Dave Grohlesque drummer, impulsive and ethereal guitars, sometimes with some slight math-rock subtleties.


"Prime Time" (march 2012)
"Plus Guest" EP (2009)

Set List

Find My Place
Confederacy of Dunces
My Favourite Colour in a Rainbow
Prime Time
Quality Place to Stay in Vevey
I May Pretend
Why don't you get it

Somebody Loves