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plus 'n' minus collective

Thessaloníki, Central Macedonia, Greece | SELF

Thessaloníki, Central Macedonia, Greece | SELF
Band Jazz Avant-garde


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



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?? ???µa Plus 'n' Minus Collective e??a? eµp?e?sµ??? ap? t? t?a? pe???d??? ?a? t?? e?d?se?? "s?? ?a? p???" (1980-1984) t?? S??? ?apad?µ?t????. ? ?d?a ??a t? s?????t?s? t?? ???e?t?ßa? a???e? st?? s????t? ?a? sa??f???sta ?e??f??ta ?ß??µ????? ?a? ?fe??eta? e? p?????? st? s????t?s? t?? µe t?? ?t??µe? ???st? Ge?µ???????. ? ???? t??? ???µase stad?a?? µ?sa ap? ???ta??? eµfa??se?? se ??aµp ?a? st???a t?? p???? ?a? ß???e ?ataf???? ?a? st???? st? Spitimou.Groundfloor. ??e? p???e?ta? d?µ?µ??a ?a a?t?s?ed??s??? e? ???? t?? ????a?? 18/03 st?? 22:00 µe e?e??e?? e?s?d?. ????sa µe t?? p??te???t? F??ta ??a ta pa?as????a.
- Plus 'n' Minus Collective. ??? p??????e a?t? ? µp??ta;
???? e????? e??t?s? ?a? p??? d?s???? ta?t?????a. ?p? µ?a a????? es?te???? ?a? ?a???te????? p??????e. ?p? t? µ??s??? t?? S??? ?apad?µ?t???? p?? ????sa ??a p??t? f??? t? 1977. ?p' a?t?? ????sa ap? t? ?ad??f??? t? ???? t?a?. ?pe?d? e?µa? pa?d? t?? p???? a?t?? ??a ta a???sµat? µ?? pe??st??f??ta? ???? ap? t?? S???. ?????? t?? ?ß?epa ap? µa????, de? p??a??a ???t? t?? ap? d???. ?e???? ????? t?? e?da p??t? f??? ?a pa??e? ???ta?? µe t?? F???? F????d? st? ??at?? t?? ????a? ?ate????. ???a??a s????e?a, p????? f????. ? F????d?? µe pe??a?e: p??? ed? e?sa? µ????;
?e? ?ata??ßa??a a??? a?t? ? t???? p?? t? ???a?e t?a? a?t?s?ed?a??µe?? ?a? d?µ???????? µ??s??? eµ??a µe t?aß??se p???. ?a??????a sp??da?a ??as??? sa??f??? st? ??at??? Ode??.
???asa? ta ?????a, s??????a ?a a???? fa?at??? a?t?? t? µ??s??? a??? pa??????a ??a ?a ??s? ??a?a ???a p??µata. ?pa??a se st?at??t???? µp??te? ? ??a t?? a????e? t?? ????st?a? t?? Fest?ß?? ??a???d???. ???? t?sse?a ?????a ????sa ?a a???µp?s? t? d??t??? µ?? s' a?t? p?? ??e?a ap? t?te. ????e ap? µ?sa µ?? ? a????? ?a pa??? t??a a?t?? t? µ??s???. ????sa ?t? ???µasa ?a? µp??? ?a pa??? ??at? t? s?ß?µa?. ??atsa ?? ???a?a µ??s??? t?a? a?t?s?ed?ast??? ?? ??a?a t?? p??te? p??ße? ?a? d???µ?? µe t??? µa??t?? µ??, ??ta? p?a d?s?a??? st? Ode??.
?et? ?????sa t?? ???st? Ge?µ???????. ?ta? µ?a ?a????st??? s????t?s? ??at? e??a? ????ss?a?a ? s??s? t?? µe ta µ??s??? d??µe?a t?? p????. ?e? st????eta? a????? a?t? ? µ??s???. ?a?? t?? ??a?a t?? ?ße?t???a George and George ?a? ?? de?te?? ???? ???a?a a?t? p?? ???eta? ????? S???? ?apad?µ?t????, ? ???s??? t?? ???t??. ? t?t??? ta ??e? ??a. ??? t?? S??? t?? ß??p? sa? "????". ??e? ???e? t?sa ??' a?t?? t?? p??? ap? t? 1977 p?? sp??da?a a??µ? ?a? ?? ????? t?? pe???e???sa?e. ??te de? ?ata??ßa??a... ap? ta e???s? ?a? µet? ????sa ?a s??e?d?t?p??? a??? de? e??a ???? a??µa, de? e??e ß???? ? ????? µ??.
???sfata p??a st? ???a?? ?a? ????sa µ??s???? t?? pa?d??? p?? sp??d????? s???es? st? ???st?t??e?? ?a?ep?st?µ?? ?a? pa???s?asa? ??p??a ???a t???. ??t? p?? ????sa e??a? p??µata p?? ??a?e ? ?apad?µ?t???? t? '77. ??? ta ????sa t?te, a??? ? S???? ta ???e? a?t? ap? t? '69-'70 ?a? ta d?d?s???? t??a a?t? st? ?a?ep?st?µ??. ???? e?e? ??????e µ??? te?????, de ß?????? s??a?s??µa de? pa?????? µ??s???. ? ?apad?µ?t???? pa???e? ?a? ß???e? s??a?s??µa. ??e? d?af??? ? te????? ap? t? µ??s???.
?? Plus 'n' Minus ????a? ??' a?t? a???ß??: ?a pa?????? µ??s??? t????, ?a?a?? s??a?s??µat??? t????.
- ??ete pa??e? ???ta?? ?? s??µa;
????µe ???e? 5-6 s??a???e?. St? SpitiMou, st? Fest?ß?? ??a? t?? S??????? F???? ??a? ?a? ??µ????????? ???s???? ?p?? ? S???? e??a? ep?t?µ? µ????. ?e? ?a µp????se ?a µ?? e??a?. ?????? s???de?f?? µ??s???? ????? ???e? µe sp??d?? ap' ??? (ap? t? ?p????e? ?a? a????) e??a? p??? ?ata?t?sµ???? ?a? ???st?? te???te? a??? t?t??a µ??s??? µ??? ap? t?? S??? ??? a???se?.
- ??sa µ??? d?a??te? ? µp??ta;
? p????a? t?? ???e?t?ßa? a?t?? e??a? 13 ?t?µa. ??µpa?a ? ???st?? Ge?µ???????, ???t?aµp?s? ? ??t??? ?aµ?a??d??, ??e?t???? µp?s? ? ?????? Ge?????d??, p???? ? ???st?? Te?d?s??d??, ?????a ? G??????? ?s?ts??, te???? sa??f??a ?? G?????? ?et?????, ?a????? ????? ?a? ??????? ??p?????, t??µp?te? ?? G?????? ?pa???ta?, ??sta? ?atsa??? ?a? ???st?? ??astas??d??, ??t? sa??f??? & f????t? ? ??µ?t??? ???st?at????, ??t? sa??f??? & ?µp?e ? ??µ?t??? ?s?????. S?? t?? afe?t?? µ?? (??t? ?a? s?p???? sa??f??a, µp?s? ??a????t?). ?? p???e? s??µa ft??e? ta 29 µ???.
- ?p?µe?a s??d?a;
????? a??µa t?? ??? a?t?? t?? ???e?t?ßa?. ?p??e? ß?ßa?a ?a µpe? s' ??a st???t?? ?a? se e???s? µ??e? ?a ????e? µ?a ??a?a µ??s???, tet?a????sµ??? ?a? t??e?a. ?e µ' e?d?af??e? ?µ?? a?t?. ????? ?a ß?? t? µ??s??? ?a? t?? ??? t?? µ?sa ap? ta t?a? ??aµp. G?a ?a ß?e? a?t?? ? d???? µa? a??e?t???? ????, ?????µe p??ße? st? Ode??, se ??aµp pa????ta? ???ta??, ?????ta? ???? ?a? ?a?ad???µ????ta?, µe ap?ste?t? e?e??e??a ?a? µe???? pe??a???a. ?p?te?e?ta? ? µp??ta µa? ap? ???µ??? ?a? ?µpe????? µ??s?????. O? t??a p?µe ?a?? ?a? fa??eta? p?? ??t? ????µe ?ataf??e?.
- ???a? µ?a µp?a? µpa?t ? ??t? p???s??te??;
???. ?? ???µ s????? pe???aµß??e? t?µpa?a, ???t?aµp?s?, ??e?t???? µp?s?, ?????a ?a? p????. ??t? e??a? ? p??t? ?µ?da. ??µaste µ???asµ???? se 5 ?µ?de?. ? 2? ?µ?da e??a? ta te???? sa??f??a, ? 3? ?µ?da e??a? µp?a? d?? t??µp?te? ?? ??a ?????, ? 4? ?µ?da e??a? ta ??t? sa??f??a f????t? ??a???? s?p???? ?a? ? 5? ?µ?da e??a? ?? ?p????p?? 16 ??a ?a ?????µe 29 p?? ap?te?e?ta? ap? ??a µ?? ???????. [Sa? µ???? s?µf????? µ?? a????eta?, pa?eµßa???]. ? S?µf????? ??µ??e? µ??s??? t?? ???t???. ?µe?? de? ????µe ?a???a? p??? at' t? ?ef??? µa?, pa?? µ??? t? µ??s???.
? pa??? µ??s??? e??p??et??se t? ???t??. ?p? t?? ep??? t?? ??tsa?t ?a t?? ?pa? a??µ? ape??????ta? st? ?ef??a?? ?a? t? fe??da???a. ?ta? p??ta ?at? pa?a??e??a. ???? s?ß?µa? ??at? e??a? ? a??? t?? ??as???? ?a? t?? s???????? µ??s???? af?? µ???sta p??????µa? ap? ??as??? ?de??. G??fa?e p????? f???? µ??s??? s???de?a? ?a? t??? t?µ????sa? e???te ??' a?t?. ??? ?pa? t?? ???esa? ?a ap??????e?. ??? de? ??? ?a ap??????? se ?a???a?. ???? st? ????? ?a? st?? t????, st?? ?a?a?? s??a?s??µat??? t????.
- ??? µp??e? ?a pa??e? a?t? ? µp??ta s?µe?a st?? Tessa??????; ????? ?p??????;
St? ??a? ??aµp pa????µe ?d?, a??? d?µ?????? ?a? p???p???se?? ??a s??a???e?. ?p??d?p?te ß?? µ?a ????, µp????µe ?a? ?a p?µe ?a pa????µe. ???a? a?a??a?? ?a e?sa? µ??at?e? t?? ea?t?? s?? ?a? t?? µ??s???? s??. ?e? e??a? ?a?? ?a ????e?? ?a? ?a ß??s?e?? ?????? ?a? t??p??? ?a pa??e?? ?a? ?' a???ste? ? µ??s??? µa?. ???spa???µe ?a ß???µe d?e??d??? p??? t? ?????.
- ?a?????? ?a ?p?epe ?a sa? p??se??????? ???a??sµ?? ?p?? t? ???a?? ?a? ?a sa? d????? µ?a µ????te?? a????sa, ??a a????? ??a ?a pa??ete d?? ?a? t?e?? f???? t? ?????.
?ts? ?? a????? ??p?te a?t? ?a ???e?, ?????? de ??????e. ???a? a?a??a?? ?a ???e?. ?ts? ???? ?a p?ste?? ?? a? µ? ???e?. ????? ß???µe t?? p??s?p??? µa? ??? ?a? pa?????µe ??a cd ?a ???e? ?? a?t?.
- ?a cd de? p?????e p?a!
?e? t? ???? ??' a?t? t? ????. ?e? e??a? a?t?? ? st???? µa?. T????µe ap?? ?a ?p???e? ?ata??aµµ??? ? µ??s??? µa? st?? p???. G?a ?a pa?????µe ?at?p?? s??a???e? t?? ???e?t?ßa?. ???a? ??µa ??????.
- ?et? ap' a?t? p?? p?e? pa?a??t? ? µp??ta;
?a s??d?a µa? µe t?? ???st? Ge?µ??????? e??a? ?a t?? p?µe pe???de?a sta e???pa??? fest?ß??. ??? ?????µ?e? µe ta Fest?ß?? ??a? t?? ???sta?t????p????, t?? ?p?t??a ?a? µe ???e? d????a??se?? a??? p??pe? ?a e?µaste ?t??µ?? ??' a?t??. ?a? e?µaste p??? ???t?. S?ed?? e?µaste ?t??µ??. ?e? p??t????, de? ß?a??µaste a??? a?t?? e??a? ? st???? ?a p?µe sta fest?ß?? ?a? ?a pa???s??s??µe t? µ??s??? µa?. Se ?ta??a, ???a?d?a, ?????a??a, Se?ß?a.
- St?? Tessa?????? ?p???e? t?t??? ????? d??asµ???;
??t? t? ????? a? ?p???e? (p?? ?p???e? ??p??? s?????a) t? ??e? d?µ??????se? ? S???? ?apad?µ?t????. ?p???e? a??? e??a? se ???a??? ? µ??s??? a?t?. ?? ????? de fta?e?. ?e? t?? d????? ß?µa a?t?? t?? µ??s????. ?e? ??e? ß?µa ?? eµe?? p??spa???µe ?a a??????µe ?a?? t? d??µ? af?? ß???µe ?a? d?s??µe t? ???st??? µa? st??µa.
- ? ???st?? Ge?µ??????? p?s? s?µß???e? se a?t?? t?? p??sp??e?a;
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????t?? p??a se µ?a s??a???a ??te???? µ??s???? ??a ?a st????? ?a? t?? p??sp??e?a t?? s??ad??f?? ?a? µ?sa se e???s? ?ept? a?a???st??a ?a f??? ??at? µe e??????sa? ta t?µpa?a ?p?? pa??a?e. ???a ??? ?a??µ??e? µe t?? Ge?µ???????. ?ta? pa??e?? µa?? t?? µ??s??? ??e?? µ?a ap?ste?t? pe??a???a ?a? ta?t?????a ap???t? e?e??e??a ?a? ???? a?t?s?ed?asµ??. ?? ???e?? p?? fe??e?? ap? t? s????? se µa?e?e? µe ta t?µpa?? t??. ??e?? ap?ste?t? e?e??e??a a??? ta?t?????a ??e?? ??a? ????p?? f????? t?? pe??a???a? st? ??µµ?t? p?? ??µ??e?? ?t? se ???t?e? ?a? se ??at?e? s????e?a.
- ??ete s??d?a ??a µeta???se?? ?a?esµ???? µ??s???? ?? ??est st?? ???e?t?ßa; ?.?. F????? F????d?? µ?a ?a? t?? a??fe?e?.
?p?????? a?t? st? ß???? t?? ?efa???? µa? ?a? ?a ??????e. ???? a??µa e??a? a??et? ????? ??' a?t?. ?? ep?µe?? s??d?? e??a? ?a s?µp?????µe µe t?? S??? ?apad?µ?t????. ??? t? ??? ??t?se? ?a? e?pe ?a?, e??a? p??? ?et???? µe t? s??d?? a?t?. ?? ???, t? ????µe a?????. ??? ??a ?a e?µeta??e?t??µe t? ???µ? t?? ?a? t? d??a t?? a??? ap? es?te???? a????? ?a d???µast??µe µe t?? "????". St???? µa? e??a? µ?a s??a???a t? ?a???a??? st? T?at?? ??p??. ??µaste st? s?ed?asµ? t??. ?e? ??t?µe ap? t?? ??µ? pa?? µ??? ?a µa? e?asfa??se? t?? ?a?a??st??e? ?a? ta d?ad??ast??? ??t?µata. ?? ?????pte? ?a? ??? t? te????? µ???? ?a e??a? d??? µa?.
? S???? µa? ??e? ep?s?? p??te??e? µ?a d??? t?? d???e?? ??a µ?a s??a???a st? ???a?t??? ???se??. ??d?µe?. ??µaste p????µ?? ?a? ?a???µe??? µe t?t??e? p??t?se??.
??sta? G. ?a?de????? - Mic Music Portal


We have 4 live recording sessions which none of them has ever been played, streamed or published officially.



Musicians collective. It was formed in Thessaloniki in 2011 by saxophonist, composer, arranger Xenophon Avramoglou and drummer Christos Yermenoglou. Among the 13 members are young musicians and experienced soloists.
The repertory of PMC includes works of contemporary jazz and improvised music, intended in particular for the band by leader Xenophon Avramoglou and guitarist Gregory Tsatsos. Xenophon Avramoglou has also arranged compositions by internationally renown pianist and innovator Sakis Papadimitriou.
PMC has performed at the 9th Festival of Jazz and Creative Music organized by the Jazz Society of Thessaloniki.

Band Members