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Hard, fast, energetic cabin feverish melodic Yukon Canuck punk rock and metal frenzy. Each song is unique and are enough sensory overload to leave you rockin' out or convulsing on the floor from the sure impact we have.


Initially started as a studio project in 2004 in order to record and release, we evolved into much more than that after people started hearing our first takes from our first cd "...Breach the gate and secure the bridges" (2005). We recognized that the local scene needed some help in getting some new blood out and heard so we set out to do just that. Help!

Having many influences which include bands like No Means No, Clutch, Misfits, NoFx, Sevendust and Slipknot, we all enjoy what we do and playing our music loud and original!

We had the opportunity on June 23, 2006 to open up for one of our most favourite and acclaimed Canadian trio NOMEANSNO. The show was outstanding and we received many compliments about it from our fans and NOMEANSNO themselves!

Everything from the arrangements, dynamics and pure energy that each song holds, most people local don't know how to react until after we're done. This is why our second cd "...All Intense and Purpose" due out August 2007, shows how we have evolved over the past two and a half years and have completely raised the bar for ourselves and our listeners.

Our songs are about politics and the world around us, past relationships and just plain being silly but they all serve a purpose... To entertain and do what we do best which is play music!


Yukon Terror Story - ©2005 SOCAN

Written By: Gisli Balzer, Denis Lacroix

Yukon Territory, the land where bears outnumber people. Yukon Territory, a wolf pack silently surrounds you. Yukon Territory, mosquitoes will certainly eat you. Yukon Territory, coyote follows you everywhere you go.

Dark clouds amassing along the northern skies, here comes old man winter with his -45. Cabin fever setting, you don't know what to do; every night you're at the bar you drink a lot of brew. Minus 40, -50, -65. Aurora borealis magic right before your eyes. Wolverines and bears will kill - no you're not their first choice. When you hear the wolves howlin' then you've heard our voice.

Yukon Territory, the land where bears outnumber people. Yukon Territory, you could have swore that you just heard a raven talking to you. Yukon Territory, the newest member to the Yukon is the mountain puma. Yukon Territory, if you think the beasts are bad then just go in the forest.

Here comes summer endless summer, sunshine all night long. If you want your liver to last then don't live here too long. Every time you look to the sky, all you see are big black flies - keep on swinging, keep on swatting, they keep on drawing blood. Forest fires, forest fires will keep those tourists movin'. If it weren't for the smoke in my eyes nothing would keep me from groovin'. Having a good time, having a good time ya that's the life for me. Living in the Yukon is a terror story.

Yukon Territory - the only reason we are here is because of ore fever. Yukon Territory - the land of Klondike gold and glory.


- Completed our 2nd album entitled "All Intense & Purpose" - Due for release in August 2007

- "...breach the gate and secure the bridges" - LP November 2005

- We are on local radio station 92.7 fm in Whitehorse, Yukon. We are also heard all over the world via Gisli Balzer (our guitarist) when he travels with the National Ice Sculpting Team every Year to China, Japan, Italy, UK, etc. There is nothing like DIY representing across the world when you have 10 copies of your first release in your carry on baggage and 7 copies of the 5 new songs you just recorded in 2007!
- You can also buy our cd locally at Triple J's Music Cafe, or online from Interpunk.com by copying and pasting the url below into your browser:


Set List

Our set list consists of 98 % original material and a few covers by some other great bands. Set time now ranges from 50-80 minutes with the additional original material we have.

Huggin' In The Dark *New*
The Mad Queen *New*
In My Town *New*
Intruder Alert *New*
Plusorminus *New*
Punchlines, Kool-aid and Your Mom *New*
Ah S*#t, on the toeside of the bell curve *New*
Half Mast *New*
OCD's No Fun For Me *New*
Motorboat *New*
Foothills At Dawn *New*
So How? *New*
Yukon Terror Story
Comfort in Knowing Most Things Biodegrade
Under The Cover of Night We Ride
Slaughter The Sheep
Fun Until Someone Loses

Judy Is A Punk - Ramones
I don't Wanna go into the Basement - Ramones
I Turned Into A Martian - Misfits
Ulcer Breakout - Butthole Surfers
Black History Month - Death From Above 1979.

More to come soon!