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The best kept secret in music


"Pipeline Under the Ocean Review"

A journey through a landscape of pure rock, pop and pyschedelic brilliance. - Rip it Up

"Pipeline Under the Ocean Review"

This is the kind of album that will help redeem your faith in 21st Century rock. - Pavement

"Pipeline Under the Ocean Review"

One of Pluto's biggest assets has always been singer Milan Borich. This man looks like a rock star - tall and thin, he dresses like an argument ...and he sings like one too. His voice moves effortlessly frmo tender whisper to strangulated threat, from sexy and swaggering to bitter and twisted, while guitar shocks and delights the ears. - Sunday Star Times


Red Light Syndrome (Album) 2001
Pipeline Under the Ocean (Album) 2005

Singles from Red Light Syndrome:
Hey Little
She's Jive
Stick with it
Bananas in the Mist

Singles from Pipeline Under the Ocean
Perfectly Evil
Dance Stamina
Radio Crimes
Long White Cross
Broken Hearted (Current Single)


Feeling a bit camera shy


In this time of anonymous plastic pop, materialistic empty hip hop and production-line guitar groups, more than ever a true rock n roll band is what’s needed. And that’s what makes Pluto’s timing perfect. Their 2nd album, Pipeline Under the Ocean, is complex, unique and different from anything else around.

“The mark of a truly artistic band is a willingness to experiment within ones chosen medium, says vocalist/guitarist Milan Borich. We set out to make the greatest record we could, without the slightest bit of hesitation or compromise. And we needed to make this album. Rock n roll needs a kick in the ass and needs a band to breathe life into it again.”

Almost four years have passed since Pluto released their debut album redlightsyndrome. In that time, the band have enjoyed minor highs and taken a few hits, but they’ve finally delivered on their early promise by finding their collective voice on Pipeline Under the Ocean. Pluto recorded Pipeline Under The Ocean in various studios in Auckland and London. Upon its completion it was clear to the band that together they had created something special.

“In many ways this feels like a debut record for the band, says Mike, because it’s the first one where everyone in the current line-up has contributed to an equal extent.”
Pluto have shaped a record that reflects their rapid creative growth and refines their songwriting into something more intricate and compelling, while still remaining fit to burst with the band¹s trademark harmonies and melodic power.

“This record has a lot more self-belief invested in it, explains Mike. When you realise that you’re actually doing something that's worthwhile and that you’re into and that you¹re all getting something out of creatively while working as a group, then you do start to feel really strong as a band.”

Pipeline Under The Ocean is evidence that Pluto are one of today’s most inventive and important young bands, a force to be reckoned with. Back on the scene with a vengeance, Pluto are already masterminding their next leap forward. As Milan says, “The reason we do this is because we fucking love it.”


Live: 2 SXSW invitations, Supporting Muse, Dandy Warhols, Neil Finn, Gomez, goodshirt, 3 Big Day Outs

Platinum album in NZ (26,000 units sold as at July 1)
2 Number 1's at Rock Radio in NZ
4 Number 1's Alternative Radio in NZ
Single of the Year - Dance Stamina - 2005 bNet Radio Awards