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This band has not uploaded any videos



"re: Declassified Demo"

my lame ass came here and listened to your new songs and failed to leave a comment.. for which.. i truly am sorry. i believe i said this.. to make sure you know that you dont need to ask for love.. it's always right here for you... i always feel better after visiting you fine guys can do no wrong.. your music moves me.. your attitudes move me.. you move me and i appreciate it.. so..... much love and respect... honored to know you..

im already knowing. im a liking. wheres my copy?

I looooove the new tracks!
I'll definitely be at your next show.

Your new tracks are sick guys, i'm lovin' it...

Your new tracks are pretty dandy.
If you guys ever want us to play a show with you, let us know!

I'm loven the songs guys.
I'm fuckin loven it!!!!!!!!!!

ok im calm now....

Hey guys!! like what I hear!!! awesome and very crisp sounding. Things are really on the up and up with the Plutoniates!!!

tracks are SICK, so sick in fact that i want a sandwich.

- MySpace

"Myspace Music Review"

by Jessica Lillie

Plutoniates are a rockin' band with some chill tunes, fresh out of the Midwest and ready for a galactic takeover. Fun music, a simple yet catchy layout, and three strong tracks make this band one to watch. The best part? They're centered in nearby Sheboygan and actually have a Lakeland alumnus as a member.

Not quite pop and not quite rock, the Plutoniates have tracks that seem to flow from sound to sound rather than from verse to chorus and vice versa. This produces a somewhat dreamy sound, which is multiplied by lead singer Ross's smoky and sometimes unintelligible voice. The band makes great use of their electric/acoustic mix tracks, nearly pulling the electric sound clear of the purpose an electric guitar generally has.

This shift creates riffs that are both strange and rhythmic, sliding from noise to noise with ease. Listeners will find themselves singing along to the tracks, even if sometimes the words aren't quite clear.

The layout of the page is simple and clean, with a heading photo on top clearly reflecting their Midwest roots with plowed fields and their mascot, the grinning green alien Shavek, as a pseudo crop circle in the dirt. The rest of the page is a light brown with no details in the background, creating an earthy tone.

Their picture section has photos of shows and performances, as well as several band posters. Some photos are plain but most are visually interesting. Many show band members Jason, Ross, Ryan, and Steve performing or even recording their tracks, giving an interesting behind-the-scenes look at the Plutoniates.

Plutoniates also have a list of upcoming shows on their page, and many of them are local (The Spot on Oct. 16 and the Paradigm Coffee House on Oct. 19, to name a few). Others that aren't in Sheboygan are nearby, including one show in Elkhart Lake.

The band members are all Wisconsin based. Steve of Hingham, Wisconsin, went to school for art in Milwaukee and now works as a tattoo artist at SKIN tattoo parlor. Drummer Ryan of Sheboygan has played for a multitude of bands and currently works in Kohler.

If you stop by their page and like their music, this band will be easy to see live and appreciate their sounds in person. Otherwise, you might be able to catch Ross on campus, where he sometimes works for Admissions. - Lakeland College Mirror


Declassified: 3-song EP available for a nominal fee at live performances.



This alt rock quartet pulls influence from one end of the universe to the other, from space and the ground below, from pleasure and from pain, from hope and despair which churns out a sound that is rooted on earth but aspires for something beyond.

Music in ages past was a reflection of the mood, of the overall mental and emotional state of a culture at that point in time. Armed with a voice, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, fretless bass, and a drum set, Plutoniates have returned holding this very vision.