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This band has not uploaded any videos



"aldrei fór ég suður"


Because yet another acoustic guitar/ukulele/bassoon solo might cause some audience members to lynch their neighbor,PLX are here to spread the love with a set of pulsing,hoover noise,punctuated electrotech, Such sweet relief are they that w even shake a half a leg,for a bit. She bobs,he weaves,they rap after a fashion, and all is well in the world. - Vice magazine


Marlon and Tanya are cousins of the great musical lineage the Pollocks. They form the duo PLX, appearing with their signature bunny and tiger masks, respectively. They play spooky electronica, segueing from serene sounds to intense. Actually, the performance started out quietly and in a few minutes became a full-blown, crazy-ass drum and bass rollercoaster. During the jungle cacophony, Marlon unveils his human identity after shedding the bunny face and starts dancing like a mo’fucka. He is joined by a baboon-man in a football jacket and a mouse-woman. The whole scene is eerily reminiscent of the masked pagan terror rituals in the 1973 classic the Wicker Man.
- Grapevine Magazine


We are releasing 2 records next year with 2 labels based in Iceland

möller records and muhaha records



Tanya and Marlon Pollock are cousins born few months apart in the 80's. The Pollocks are a tribe, spiritual and united. Tanya and Marlon grew up like brother and sister and have always been super best friends. There homes were rich in artistic culture. There fathers were in a legendary icelandic punk group called Utangardsmenn ( the outsiders) Musical exposure was inevitable.
Age of twelve Tanya was living in America and Marlon in Iceland. Marlon had Casio keyboard and would make tapes of his music sessions and send it to Tanya . She had been creating music with synths, drum machines and samplers and making mix tapes for Marlon.
As soon as they were united back in Iceland they began there collaboration creating a unique sound that reflects there free spirits
In there early teens they were performing live at art shows to nightclubs escorded by there parents. Later touring America and the clubs in England on regular basis.
PLX stands for Pollux, it is a giant star in the constilation of Gemini.
Tanya was also the co-founder of Weirdcore along with Sigurbjörn Þorgrímsson AKA. Biogen who passed away in Febuary 2011. Weirdcore hosted a monthly electronic music event introducing to the masses all the genres of electronic music which has been blossoming for the past few years.
Marlon is also one of the few Icelandic Grime rappers and a club mc known for crazy skills in both batteling and freestyling and has helped many of the youth in there rap and graffiti skills.