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 The King of the Crib is back with his latest mixtape titled "Summer Sampler 2006". With "Still Standing" volume five of his mix-tape movement still flooding the streets of Miami, local rapper P.M. aka P.period is set to reign supreme over the empire we call Hip-Hop. Born Ozzie Sullivan and raised in the projects of Liberty City, P.period, 26, grew up in a single parent home with his two siblings. Like many young black males with no father figure, turned to the streets for guidance. As a kid, P.period’s athletic and musical talents garnished him street credibility while at the same time ironically barring him from many street activities, “the street hustlers would lookout for me as long as I stayed out the game”. This tough love would eventually create the P.M. we now know; a realist who understands there are two sides to every story whether your dealing with entertainment or reality. P.M., which use to stand for Prime Minister, a name he acquired during the Public Enemy era, is now a name synonymous with the South Florida nightlife because what’s a Miami Party without the P.M.? 

He’s considered one the hardest working emcees from the south. This characteristic can be observed on any one of his mix-tapes as the charismatic rapper, meticulously takes his lyrical brush and paints pictures with every word. As the Miami music scene continues to rise, so will the stock of the brand of music he calls quality Hip-Hop.
With his current single “Be the Luv You"blazing radio airwaves and the feature on DJ Khaled's new album "Listennn", P.period is feeling optimistic about his rap career and the team that’s
backing him up..


Be the One (To Luv You)

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