A Papier Mache Monster

A Papier Mache Monster


We go for more vintage sounds. We try to write energetic melodic songs that are interesting yet not hard for the listener to dive into. I'm not trying to do anything incredibly new, although many people have been telling me that we don't sound like anyone. We just write things that excite us.


We love to write and play music. We strive to write things we'll be proud of and that we haven't heard before. Music is more of a need for me and certain songs fill that need in all sorts of different ways. And, when I listen to our songs I want to fill a part of me that hasn't been touched or that I didn't even know was there. I hope people can get that from us, because that's when a band stays with you forever. It'll never get old and you can always go back and remember how amazing it was to discover those things. So maybe music is all about discovery. And when I discover those things within my own creativity I need to release it. The purpose of this band is to do just that.


The Story:
Aaron has played in bands since he was 13. He started along side one of his best friends Paul Thomas. By about age 15 the two split up, Aaron joined the band Full Circle while Paul joined Good Charlotte.

In Full Circle Aaron met bassist Tyler Lambert. For the first 5 years they sounded like, actually, pretty much ripped of, Rage Against The Machine. When their singer left they struggled for years to find one until in 2001 Aaron had to step up and do it.

After 3 years of Aaron basically learning to sing in a band, and changing their name to Bantam City the last year, they decided it was time to end it. Tyler and Aaron were joined at the hip musically and started a new band immediately. This new band was A Papier Mache Monster.

This was their chance to do something more stripped down and more accessible. It was also an opportunity to take themselves less seriously and do something more creative with the actual concept of the band. Concentrating more on song writing they wrote 3 songs and recording them at the end of 2004 with their friend and drummer Matt Thorsen from the band Downtown Singapore.

Matt was pretty busy with his band so they looked for drummers, which fortunately didn't take too long. Ed Santana joined for most of 2005 helping them to write two songs. Unfortunately, for Pmonster, he was asked to join a Latin Jazz band with his childhood friend, so don't blame him. Plus, he was moving up north. They didn't let it stop them. Matt was home for Christmas from tour so they went into the studio and recorded 5 more songs.

That winter, Aaron was to go on a two month tour with the legendary D.C. Positive Hardcore band Good Clean Fun. He'd been playing with them for the past 2 years. While shooting the video for their single "The Myspace Song" he ran into Eduardo Smith who was recommended to him just a few days prior by Matt Thorsen. They jammed together when Aaron came home from Europe and Eddie was in. He fit perfectly.

Currently, the band is finishing up their first full length record due out this Fall. They are also booking shows and ready to show everyone that this three-piece rock band is going to change the way you think about music, art, and life.


Death To Order

Written By: Aaron Mason

What will they think of next?
They’re starting to lose my interest

There is a virus that is spreading
We are a nation infected, so polluted
And we gnash our teeth
Better than all the rest

Bones and body parts are strewn all across the borders
Bring death to order
It’s feeding time

There is a virus that is spreading
We are a nation infected, mutilated
And we bend at the knees
Better than all the rest

The dead are walking
The human world will cease to be
We need a savior
Please don’t take too long
We’re being eaten alive
It’s everywhere, the face of war
My blade is worn
I fought the major war

We twist the knife better than all the rest

A Walk In The Woods

Written By: Aaron Mason

A calming breeze blows
A constant chill grows
And I’m knee deep in my snot and my own blood

The one that deceived you is whose life you still abuse
They dragged you away to the woods in which you lay

Have I always been doomed?

A light that shines through
Has made me feel anew
But the mud has dried over and I can’t move

The one that deceived you is whose life you still abuse
Please blow away the leaves that cover me

My brain is going numb
As the worms are eating their way through my skull

From A Secured Position

Written By: Aaron Mason

Make love to the idea
Without guilty air
It seems to feel all right
Cheat us for more choice meat source
On and on

Watch for my fire
Focus your aim
Cause the sole survivor
Is all you need to believe in

Fingers stare straight at you
But denial seems to get you by
And it’s all I’ve seen

Watch for my fire
Focus your aim
Cause the sole survivor’s
Shell is unbreakable

See, my first instinct was to carry you
But foaming at the eyes is just a little too weird
I’m thinking I’ll stay
If you were me you’d sleep all day
In a tub that’s filled to the top

And in the end as the sole survivor
You stand so remarkable

Understand enough


We've released a few demos that we've handed out at shows for free. We have music all over the internet on sites such as myspace and purevolume. We're finishing up a full length right now.

Plea For Peace Compilation 2007 on Asian Man Records

Set List

Death To Order
A Walk In The Woods
From A Secured Position
Acoustic Song
Living Ordinary
Marathon Man