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"POWER MOVEMENT PROJECT Belief_Upon_Arrival_>>"

Power Movement Project starts its first track, Trial & Error, with heavy guitars, girlish vocals, and a traditionally Death Row or Eminem sounding looped progression. Belief_Upon_Arrival_>> is reggae influence rap with Gwen of No Doubt sounding vocal styling, which eloquently highlights a sexy backdrop for the vibe.

Power Movement Project, currently residing in Florida, has captured a 'life of the party' sense of excitement, which a lot of area groups are lacking; with the obvious help of Frank Marchand (Waterford Digital). If you close your eyes, you might even find yourself at Seacrets (Ocean City) with a 'Dirty Banana' in your hand. There is something very playful, fun, and Methods of Mayhem about their latest release.

If I were to compare Power Movement Project to a local or regional project, and I was making a smoothie, I'd have to toss Jimmie's Chicken Shack, Another Lincoln, and the All Mighty Senators into a blender and add a dash of George Clinton's outer space marketing. "Warrior", the second track on the album dabbles deeper into the group's predominant reggae influence while metal riffs fill out the nontraditional gaps.

Donice Cully shines on "Alpha Triumphant", and provides the song with a strong Fugees feel. Jeff Thompson (Guitars/vocals), Marc DeRusso (Bass), Blacksmith (vocals), Jeremiah Read (Keys), Kurt Deninger (Drums) and featuring Donice Cully (Vocals) make up the passionate pre/post-alternative funky Power Movement Project. "Awakened sent from a quasar, to rip thru this track like razors, and spit truth like deadly vapors, to euthanize these caped crusaders" are just some of the spacey "p-funk" styled poeticism captured on Belief_Upon_Arrival_>>.

My favorite track, "Process of Conscience" has an emotional mock-cheerleader-ish refrain - very fun! In a world where radio is dominated by a lot entertainment conscious performers, and corporate images and supergroups are assembled by recording agents, Power Movement Project's art is right on time. It is a refreshing and fun effort. Enjoy!

-Brad Cox - Music Monthly 2/05 Vol. 22 , No. 2, Issue #245 (Baltimore/DC/Virginia)

"Power Movement Project – ‘Belief_Upon_ Arrival_>>’"

The Power Movement Project offer a well produced spin on funk rock with sublime No Doubt-esque female vocals complimenting the band’s male vocalist. Interestingly it works on a singing vs. rap level and as a style once again works very well. However PMP are far from a bone-headed rap/metal band. They blend hip-hop, jazz, reggae and rock seamlessly, yet originally.

‘Murder’ has some forgivable “speak and spell” style rap, that had it not been just clever enough would have been rather trite. The power of the track is aggressive and dark; a stark contrast to the catchy yet poignant ‘Alpha Triumphant’. The fresh sound of this CD relies on a blend of styles that would make Nescafe pack up their beans and leave. Second to this is the musicianship and talent of the band members, all instruments are creatively and competently played with soaring female vocals and a nice range of moods from the male counterpart.

‘Corruption’ has tropical party moods that will keep the rum flowing at your winter shindig, whereas opener ‘Trial & Error’ powers along crunchy riffs, sultry high notes and catchy, well delivered verses. The downside? Despite the styles - the record loses pace half way through and will struggle to maintain listener interest for all 13 songs. If you are one of those people that doesn’t listen to a whole album at a time; you will never notice the imperfection. The most important fact to remember is just how exciting Power Movement Project are and that, my friends is without major label backing.

Standout Tracks: ‘Trial & Error’, ‘Warrior’ & ‘Mosca’.

Replay-0-Meter: 8
Production: 8
Songwriting: 8
Lyricism: 8
Artwork: 8

Added: February 5th 2005
Reviewer: Liam Thomson
Score: 4 Stars - STATE OF EMERGENCY .NET 2/5/2005 (United Kingdom)

"Have you heard?"

Belief_Upon_Arrival from Power Movement Project takes many forms.Among them Rap,Ska,Punk,Reggae and some new style R&B, along with a social conscience that questions the ways of the world and just might be one of the more political offerings out of the local scene in a while.This is a serious listen and I recommend sitting down with the lyric sheet the first time around.Depending on how you feel about Rap,this recording contains a few all out tracks,but they’re all PG and certainly worth a listen as it’s what they are saying, not how they’re said.

With an equal nod to their supreme being they ask for guidance and reassurance in a world gone mad.Songs like Lifetime ask “Show me the light and tell me where to run to….(tell me what do I do?)What am I running from?War is right in front of my face,I think I need direction for a resolution.”It’s a song about how a person can,by mere happenstance,become something they never were or never thought they could be.Like finding yourself in war and having to kill (read murder)someone.It’s by no means heavy handed,just the voice of young America trying to understand why…..”The world is falling out of control”as they sing on the lead track Trial And Error.With other titles like Corruption,Murder and Hunger you would think this thing would be a complete downer.But actually the opposite is true.For all it’s pessimism it’s overtaken by more optimism and the underlying theme is a spiritual one mixed with hope.Talk of prophacy,purgatory and “Higher Powers” abound,but they never get preachy and great playing keeps it all very lively.The band is one tight unit and has a beautiful voice in vocalist Donice Cully.

Produced by Frank Marchand and Power Movement Project at Waterford Digital it’s a very crisp production with an empathis on detail.Process Of Conscience is one of my personal favorites with crunchy guitar,funky backbeat and all sorts of stuff going on in the background that all blends together perfectly to make this an above average production.

Though some people will immediately be turned off because of the rap content in some of the music, the overall message from Power Movement Project’s Belief Upon Arrival is the world is going to hell in a handbasket,but don’t abandon hope.With the proper guidance from “Whoever”we can make it through. And for some, that’s not a bad message at all.

-Michael Macey - Chesapeake Music Guide 12/04 (Baltimore)

"Power Movement Project Belief_Upon_Arrival_>>"

Don't get confused by my lack of ability to nail down a genre on this one. Power Movement Project formed in 2000, set out to break the barrier that limits music to one genre, and by gosh, they did just that. I could send you to my favorite tracks ("Trial & Error" and "Hunger"); they are the ones that utilize the vocals of Donice Cully - can you say "future superstar"? But then, with so many vocals on one album, if you hate my personal choices, then you could just pick another track. This CD is pure diversity. As they say in Music 101, there is something for everyone. It doesn't matter if you're a metal head or a hip hop fan, you will find lyrics and a strong rhythm to relate to. The talent is real, with a track record of opening for Busta Rhymes and Fishbone among several national appearances and air play. You are right in assuming these young orphans have no label to call home, but you can use that to your advantage and buy the CD while they are still in training pants. This is one of those exciting moments when I get to tell you that these guys call Daytona Beach home.

by John Ringo - Backstage Pass Magazine 3/16-31, 2005 (Daytona Beach, FL)

"Power Movement Project Belief_Upon_Arrival_>>"

This off the wall energetic group takes electronica, reggae, R&B, slight punk influences, a little dancehall and some rap puts them all together and has a hit record. The up tempo tracks throughout the entire album keep your feet moving and/or head nodding. The lyrical choice and the content are amazing and coincide with the chosen backing beats. Being an actual band also gives them a lot more options in creating their own sounds. With the group's second album and a new female bellowing the sultry choruses, such as on "Wishful Thinking" and "Lifetime". "Scientific" gets pretty crazy with some harder rock beats and some speedy word slaying. In closing out the cd they choose a smooth, melodic easy of mind track "No Time". If you like experimental, reggae, hip hop, rock, whatever genre you should truly enjoy this group. If you're a record label you should scoop these guys up while they are HOT!

Review by Geoff Dellinger

- Entertainment World 3/17/05 (Los Angeles, CA)


"SELF" 2001
"Belief_Upon_Arrival_>>" 2004

Songs from all albums have appeared on XM Unsigned and such radio stations as WPCG 95.5 (DC), 98Rock (Baltimore), Rock 104 (Florida), Real Rock 101.1 (Orlando), 95.7 The Hog (Daytona Beach) and various College radio stations on the East Coast.


Feeling a bit camera shy


Power Movement Project is a 5 piece Indie Rock, Hip-Hop, Reggae group hailing from Central Florida. Originally founded in the Baltimore/DC area in early 2000, the band features a sound that is a perfect fusion of instrumental harmony and lyrical bliss. Diverse backgrounds coupled with a multitude of musical influence commands a power that sets fire to negative influence throughout genre breaking music and shatters the boundaries of musical stereotypes. Their live show is an energetic set designed to destabilize audiences and leave them begging for more. Forcing audiences into an energetic frenzy, powerful lyrics subconsciously evaluate the political, social and extra terrestrial world around us, while still leaving listeners with a feeling of hope for the future of humanity. The band has played more than 500 shows up and down the eastern seaboard and has opened for national acts including Busta Rhymes, Bone Thugs N Harmony, Eek-A-Mouse, Sister Carol, Fishbone, Lit, Everclear, Mofro, Sev, and Jimmie's Chicken Shack. They have been featured on Fox Sports (Mobile Skate park Series - 54321), Pepsi's Project X (WB50), MTV's College Television Network, and Stonecold TV in Atlanta, GA. Power Movement Project recently released their sophomore album, BELIEF_UPON_ARRIVAL_>>. Produced by Frank Marchand (Jimmies Chicken Shack), the album is selling rapidly at shows, in stores, and on the web. The follow up to 2002's "Self," the album introduces powerful new material that continues to impress audiences and critics alike. Be sure to catch PMP on their upcoming fall tour.

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