Pourquoi me reveiller

Pourquoi me reveiller


The gentlemen of Pourquoi Me Reveiller are masters at arranging and making original choices of the most adequate, usually unexpected instruments to be used. The line of just playing songs nicely is crossed and Pourquoi me Reveiller can display its musical talent full of testosterone. (OOR Magazine)


Pourquoi me reveiller started in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, in 1998. At the time the band consisted of four people, now it has grown to a group of seven, including two female backing singers. The first few years were all about developing, mostly making and composing music together. For quite a while the band did not come out into the open.

Only after the release of the first album “They took my bed outside” (2006 by Dying Giraffe Recordings) did Pourquoi me reveiller really pick up speed. The album was reviewed favourably and several tracks found their way to the playlists of national and international radio stations, including Kink FM (NL), Radio 1 (NL), Radio LLiNK (NL), Radio Mortale (NL), Radio 1 (Belgium), Urgent FM (Belgium) and Radio Wazee (USA).

Pourquoi me reveiller was voted “Holland’s Newest” by the VPRO 3voor12 (National indie/alternative music platform), Band of the Month by Pop Union and LiveXS Local Hero by LiveXS Pop Magazine. Moreover, the band was a finalist in the South-Holland Award and semi-finalist in Holland Nationwide Award (Ekko Utrecht on 16-09-2006). Pourquoi me reveiller also participates in the Pop Tour 2006, a prominent travelling festival in Holland, in which the talented Dutch acts of this moment take part. The track “All I Want” on the promotion CD is part of this.

The album "They took my bed outside" was given a lo-fi character on purpose. Therefore it was all the more surprising that Pourquoi me reveiller was given such an enthusiastic reception by the media and press. The typical and original sound and the varied repertoire was considered very appealing and a reference to the so-called and also typical Belgian Pop was soon made. 3voor12 also pointed to the fact that Pourquoi me reveiller seemed to have a musical talent full of testosterone.

Pourquoi me reveiller is seen as a very talented and interesting band that is also capable of giving a good live performance. For a long time Pourquoi me reveiller was Rotterdam’s or the Dutch best kept secret, but now slowly the band and its music are finding their way to the music lovers.

The translation of Pourquoi me reveiller may be “Why wake up”, but the band is definitely not a sleepy one. On the contrary, Pourquoi me reveiller has woken up and follows its own musical route.


2006 full length album They Took My Bed Outside

Set List

2 sets of 45 minutes. 20 - 22 songs.