Potty Mouth Sissys

Potty Mouth Sissys

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We are one of Detroit's original comedy rap acts. DRQ once called us "the Beastie Boys for the new millennium, but dirty as hell."

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We have appeared on 101.1 WRIF's Drew & Mike program (a medley) and 93.1 WDRQ (Orangabang and interviewed on-air). We appeared on Coldwave Breaks II & 21 Circuitry Shox 2, both national releases from 21st Circuitry Records. We've played all over Detroit (see past shows in the calendar section).

Set List

Typical set: Intro, Drunk Horny & High, 3 Blind Dykes, Grandma's Got a Dick, Psychosexsong, Why Can't We Just Fuck, Orangabang, Corpsefucker

All original.