Royal Oak, Michigan, USA

Our music is like a drug. There's always a experience behind it.


Swedish music visionary Anton Thoursie, the mastermind behind PMtoyou, started making music in his early youth while growing up in the south Swedish town of Jönköping. He studied music production at The University of Växjö which led to a job at the legendary studio "Svenska Grammofon Studion" (run by Kalle Gustafsson, bassist in Swedish rock band The Soundtrack of Our Lives) in Gothenburg. During this episode Thoursie released several recordings which gave the Swedish electro indie music scene a well needed twist. Making all the music himself, an electronic sound was what naturally came to life, but being a trombonist, drummer and guitarist, the electronic world rapidly became too small for Thoursie. A move to the city of Malmö offered the necessities to expand his sound together with old Växjö friends Roland Johansson and Martin Ljungberg. The sound that developed under the new constellation is what now captures the most sincere and inner thoughts of this alternative pop genius. With heavy beats, dreamlike synthesizers and a mix of gushing vocals, you can hear references to artists such as Phoenix, Hooray for Earth, and Niki & The Dove.



That Donna EP



Yell single