Paul Napash a.k.a Infamous P

Paul Napash a.k.a Infamous P

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I don't have a band, well i did before. But I felt more independently to accomplish my music career, that's why I had a lot of time for myself to create music and have tours on my own.


Los Angeles, CA – Rock artist Paul Napash has teamed up with A&R Select, the premier A&R firm based out of Los Angeles, CA. A&R Select is using its extensive resources to promote Napash’s distinctive rock-n-roll style. That style is in evidence on such songs as “Dreams,” a tune that embodies both the emotive, melodic side of Napash’s music and the hard rock side. The melodies – as in all Napash’s songs – are rich and thick but overwhelming, finding just the right emotional vibe to help support the lyrical power. But the dense, muscular soundscape of hard rock energy is also present, resulting in a tune that is both heartfelt and powerful.

The song, Napash says, “tells everyone to believe in themselves no matter what they do … if they try harder, they can do it.” It’s the same philosophy that has ruled both his career (“I’m trying to make an effort to accomplish my goals big time and believe in everything I do, whatever it takes.”) and his life at large. Napash, a member of the Cree Nation of Chisasibi in Northern Quebec, has engaged in extensive training to get to where he is now. A multi-talented artist, musician, songwriter, producer and even rapper, Napash has built on his childhood love of music, continuing constantly to hone his craft.

One of the instruments he learned was the piano, but he went on to master the guitar, bass, keyboards and drums – not to mention vocal techniques – and to play in several bands. Eventually, he turned to solo endeavors. “I felt that I could accomplish much more independently,” Napash says. He began to record his own music with a 16-track recording studio, as well, learning the skills behind the music.

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Tell Me

Written By: Paul Napash


Tell me what to do now
Tell me what you see now
I'm standing in a big crowd
while the music is playing loud
you just have to hear me out
to let you know what i'm all about

It's the infamous p, yeah that's me, making the darkest beats from the streets, I'm about to speak about what I need to see, I'm from the Cree Rez' called "Chisasibi" and I'm proud to be Cree, I'm free to meet the new peeps, that's why I need to keep the peace, in my speech, I'm trying to reach my dreams, to teach the world what I believe to achieve, that's the key for me to succeed, but I need to read how to treat them better whatever whether we're together, that's forever, I never thought my life would get better, when i become famous rockstar, i'm gonna wear all leather, let's get everything back together crazy like under the weather.


Now I'm back on the right track,
and the fact is i've been trying to relax putting my six pack on paksac to have a night cup, while trying to rap, i know how to act, i'm a young lad and i'm glad to do something like that, i ain't smoking crack, looking at the sky it's starting to fade to black, people are drinking tonight, where the party at, people are fighting tonight, there might be a bitchslap, smoking, toking, choking, loading and all that crap, that's the one of reasons why i wanna write rap, now i'm stay focussed on what i need to do all the shit i've been trying to produce i refuse to get confused i got nothing to lose i gotta use my talent with my positive attitude.


As the days are passing by
you're gonna start thinking about what you want in life, If you want to do something real nice, you got to think twice there's no lies, that's just a piece of my advice that I got inside of my mind you're gonna be fine, some people has to try really hard to get by, when you listen to this music it sounds so tight, there's a lot of different ways how you can survive, don't you ever think about suicide, you're gonna to have find someone that you'll really like, it's not because i just wanna tell you what to do, i just wanna let me know about the truth, that's why you gotta try something new and see how far that you can get through.



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Set List

30 mins of set

1- Tell Me
2- Keep The Faith
3- Real Life
4- The Camp
5- Save The World
6- What's Going On