P-NASTY Of YNC (Youngest N Charge)

P-NASTY Of YNC (Youngest N Charge)

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P-Nasty also known as Three Fifty-Seven (357) of YNC puts many other rap artists to shame. Being influenced primarily by The Notorious B.I.G., he locks down the rap game with unique flows and delivery that is unmatched.


P-Natsy aka 357 hails out of Buffalo NY with CRAZY talent. Born and raised in Buffalo NY, this 18 year old, yes I said 18 year old has been writing rhymes for as far back as he can remember. Being only 18 gave him the privialge of being influenced by one of the greatest rappers of our time , The Notorious B.I.G., and allowed him to be able to use this to critique and perfect his own flows. Because of his age, is was hard for P to get his foot in the game, but Mossburg Records gave him a chance and e hasn't looked back since. Now being one of the most talented and sought after artists on Mossburg Records's label, they are set out to make history.

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Blow Ep Mossburg Records 2005

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