Super Hooky Indy Rock Band, imagine the Pixies with Radio hits. Put Steve Malkmus in a band with Belle and Sebastian, and cut it down to a three peice. This is hip music that's easy to get into. WE ARE CURRENTLY LOOKING FOR MNGMT OR BOOKING AGENT. Our EP has a


Pneumatic write great songs. That’s the reaction most people have on their first listen. From a tight little scene, in a neighborhood in Brooklyn called DUMBO, they have been constantly growing. At first glance Pneumatic is a simple, eclectic rock trio: Drums, Stand-up Bass & Guitar. But after a night hearing them rock live, their stripped-down sound lives large. Basically, these guys kill.. They have the sound, the songs, and that uniqueness that bodes we will be hearing from this unit for years to come.
Evan Reynolds (lead vocal and guitar) is a painter as well as a musician and he came to the neighborhood to focus on his painting. But it wasn’t long before he was drawn back to his passion for writing songs.
Bill Pace (stand-up bass and backing vocals) was looking for a new beginning when he moved into the same artist-friendly industrial area as Reynolds. Having been the first jazz bass Doctoral degree at Jaco Pastorius’ alma-mater, The University of Miami, Pace had gone on to be a member of groove-master and jazz legend Dr. Lonnie Smith’s organless group and had concretized with the likes of Mel Torme and Lena Horne. Soonafter his landing in DUMBO Pace was drawn to the developing rock scene and teamed up with Evan to form a band. The first incarnation of their band showed promise but didn’t last. Enter…..
Josh Coleman. Hailing from Normal, Illinois, Josh was first solicited by Evan for his prolific sound-engineering skills. Josh had spent time working as roving tech support for most of the Solid State Logic soundboards across the country and a number of years bailing many a band out as the on-call technician at Quad City Studios in the early Nineties. He also went back to playing drums in various country/bluegrass bands. When Pneumatic’s first drummer left, Josh was thrust into the spot and completed the sound we now know as Pneumatic.
The band, now focused and driven, played live and rocked the locals, catching the attention of anyone in earshot. One of those being a new, local label Matching Records.(MR). MR found Reynolds and Pneumatic’s sound familiar yet distinct. Could it be Elvis Costello meets Morrissey. Maybe a bit more raw and not so much crooning. Reynolds seems to have significant range. Singing in sometimes high falsettos often doubled by Pace, summoning the Bee Gees(?)….. Although most of the time Reynolds keeps to his native tenor. Brian Ferry comes to mind, but then again, so does Steven Malkmus of Pavement. Maybe we should leave the judging to the listener. Coleman’s small kit, just a kick, snare, floor tom, high hat and crash plays counterpoint to Pace’s fat stand-up bass. The rhythm section is never busy or sloppy. Like a clock ticking time each movement has a purpose.
Matching Records is happy to release Pneumatic’s first E.P., Untitled, and is hoping it reaches people’s ears fast. The boys are already planning a tour for this spring and continuing to record. So keep an ear out and remember , “It’s a Good Good.”


Pneumatic, Untitled EP, MAtching Records
Elevator first single off EP played on over sixty college radio stations.
Full Lenghth to be copmpleted spring 2006

Set List

Rooster Train
Shot Down
Big Love Satellite
Unbroken Bells
Lil Mr.
Apple Song
Bunny Hop
Self Made
Fixer upper
Sweet Bloodsucking Mama