Pneuma Worship Band

Pneuma Worship Band

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Our band exists solely to lead Christ-followers in worship. We specifically target teens and young adults, but are not picky. We just love to worship God with other believers.


Our band started out of necessity. The Youth Ministry that Matt oversees needed a worship team for a camp. So Matt recruited people that he had played with before or (in Tim's case) knew could play or sing. We literally practiced for about 5 weeks before our first gig. Some of the members of the team barely knew each other when we started, but quickly have grown close to each other. Our main influence is really God, yea that sounds typical, but it's true. David Crowder* Band, Matt Redman, and Christ Tomlin are also huge, for Matt specifically a guy named Rich Kirkpatrick has done a lot for him. You might catch some rifts of Metallica from Kenny and Tim from time to time as well.



Set List

We have a set list of about 12 songs and are expanding. Currently we cover other worship artists songs. We typically open with something with a lot of energy, pull the crowd into it, we love crowd interaction. As we move through the set we get calmer. Depending on what comes after us we might bring energy back, or if there is a talk after us we leave with a calmer song to focus the crowd.
The Pneuma Worship Band features the songs: Undignified, Trading My Sorrow, Here is Our King, Heart of Worship, Better is One Day, Overwhelmed, From the Inside Out, Remedy, Wonderful Maker, and Marvelous Light.