New York City, New York, USA

Digital Doowop Duo based out of NYC + LA!


PNKYSWR was born from a musical secret 26 years ago.

Today, with “Solid Gold,” PNKYSWR’s second single released in March 2012, the digital doo wop duo of Effie Liu and David Zamora (better known as Dave Zee) are growing a bi-coastal fan base into a bona fide digital following. Fans are falling in love with Liu’s sultry vocals and playful tease, coupled with Zee’s soulful, infectious rhythms. The secret is clearly out.
But both band members kept their musical passions closely guarded for years.

Growing up in the 90s, in a conservative Taiwanese family of doctors in San Francisco, singer/songwriter Liu hid her golden voice and natural ability to learn music, and even write melodic punk songs. Private school was equally straight-laced, and frowned upon her personal expressions of unorthodox fashion and ‘different’ tunes. As Liu’s love of music grew and became apparent, so did her family’s fear of her musical aspirations. That didn’t stop her.

“I found salvation in music because of its universal way of relating to people,” Liu explains. As a teen, she taught herself to play the guitar, and in high school sang in a pop punk band she secretly formed with friends. They got their feet wet performing in the Bay area. The group lasted three years; the future impact would be far greater.

But not before Liu would pursue a different, more ‘stable’ path. After high school she studied at the FIDM, Los Angeles, earning degrees in fashion design and business administration. After a few years in the industry, she took time off to pursue some of her other passions, including branding and graphic design, and eventually circling back to music.

This time she consciously drew on the influences that had shaped her singing style along the way: iconic songstresses such as Ella Fitzgerald, Julie London and Sarah Vaughn. It took about five years to find the perfect partner to share her vision. In 2011, after a brief stint in an Asian girl group called TKO, and a visit to Los Angeles, she reconnected with an old friend and soon-to-be producer/songwriter Dave Zee.

Twenty-seven-year-old Zee grew up in East LA in the 90s, amidst a backdrop of violence, drugs, gangs, and religious fundamentalism. Music was an escape in a household where he lacked attention. At 13, he started DJing and collecting every kind of music he could find, prompting his eventual music partner Liu to dub him a “musical encyclopedia.” That drive quickly led to writing, recording and learning software production. While still a teen, he was part of several metal, hardcore, punk, reggae and hip hop bands.

Zee was well established in LA’s underground hip hop scene in the mid 2000s. As founder and resident DJ of the Uptown Soundclash, he also brought in notable hip hop and experimental music producers. Eventually when the charts started falling under the spell of hip hop’s shift towards glamorization, Zee started feeling nostalgic…
Two months after their fateful reunion, collaborating in LA, PNKYSWR emerged. Blending their shared vision of retro classics with a post modern twist was the recipe for a signature sound: old school songs of love laced with new school digital technology. Digital doo wop was born.

Their debut single “Major Player” was released in February 2012.

“Our music has a distinct sense of nostalgia to it. We want to bring back the fun of a classic soul recording, where love and loss, dedication and perseverance meant something cool,“ Zee explains.

Liu + Zee continue their bi-costal partnership, with Liu based in New York City and Zee based in LA.


Major Player EP (2011)
1) "Major Player"
2) "Next To You"

Solid Gold [Single] (2012)
1) "Solid Gold"