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Denver, Colorado, United States | INDIE

Denver, Colorado, United States | INDIE
Band Rock Reggae


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"P-Nuckle Is Awesome!"


- Dave Herrera

"P-Nuckle Stand Up"

On P-Nuckle's latest album, it's obvious to anyone who's followed the band over the years that the members have matured remarkably. Two years in the making, Stand Up shows the group, which has undergone several lineup changes since its inception, outgrowing its Sublime-influenced party-time reggae rock and delving into more serious reggae/dancehall cuts with elements of hip-hop. And while there are a few politically slanted numbers, P-Nuckle strives to keep a positive vibe overall. One minor misstep: The bulk of the reggae-inflected songs are similar in tempo, so the addition of two pop-punk songs ("Place Called Home" and "Yesterday") breaks up the continuity somewhat. Other than that, this is a solid effort from one of the area's more respected reggae acts.
- Westword - Jon Solomon


Colfax Satisfaction (2003)
Resident 303 (2006)
Stand Up (2009)



Sometimes the moment of clarity becomes something continual, rather than an instant. For Denver rock reggae/ska outfit, P-Nuckle, that evolution is about to be more apparent than ever. A matured sense of lucidity, coupled with the experience of a musical career spanning over a decade, has the group poised and ready for national ascent. Known for a dedicated passion for delivering messages of hope and triumph over adversity has allowed the band to cultivate an extremely loyal fanbase; one that is sure to grow with the release of the band’s fourth studio album, “Stand Up”. Slotted for a release this fall, the album will give fans a direct glimpse of a full-grown set of ideals from one of Colorado’s most recognized bands. With eclectic musical influences ranging from Dancehall Reggae to straight ahead punk rock, P-Nuckle has always created a memorable live experience. While their next album may be a bit more mature, don’t expect a dumbed down live show. The band is ready to celebrate the journey that has created this album with a beefed up tour schedule. The national P-Nuckle family of fans, affectionately known as “Nuckleheads” will get the chance to see more of the band, then they have in the past year, and have every opportunity to be a part of the vibe of a P-Nuckle show. There are some bands that are a part of the times, and then there are some bands that create the times.
Get ready for P-Nuckle!!!