P-Nuckle hails from Denver Colorado. Playing a solid mix of dub reggae, ska and punk rock mixed with high energy and a rebelious attitude.


P-Nuckle comes straight from the urban streets of Denver, Colorado. With years of hardened experience and dedication, P-Nuckle has blazed a trail in the alternative scene by combining solid grooves, fat bass lines and memorable hooks with a multitude of reggae, dub, ska and punk rock styles. Live shows can be described as high energy, intense non-stop dance parties that leave the packed house begging for more. Their legion of fans, known as the “Nuckleheads", loyally follow and support the group throughout the country, making each show better than the last.

P-Nuckle has toured extensively throughout the country, hitting both coasts and everything in between. Well respected in the music community, they are selected over and over again to support some of the biggest names in the industry. Their well crafted music and energetic live shows are generating buzz from several entertainment, management and production companies across the world. P-Nuckle is currently considering various touring and recording opportunities and plans to launch a national tour very soon to support their recent CD release. They are continually moving forward and there is no end in sight to the infamous legacy of the Nuckleheads.

P-Nuckle has played with the following national acts:

Slightly Stoopid, FISHBONE
Pepper, Bargain Music
Streetlight Manifesto
Long Beach Dub All Stars
Long Beach Short Bus
Bad Brains, Chronic Future
Kottonmouth Kings
Phunk Junkeez
OPM, Eek A Mouse
Mix Mob, Capitol Eye
Andrew Tosh, Black Sheep
Mission, The Wailers
Zebrahead, B-Side Players
Voodoo Glow Skulls
Authority Zero, Sprung Monkey
Warsaw, RX Bandits
The Expendables, Lola Ray
Mishka, The Beautiful Girls
The Samples, The Supervillains
Flogging Molly, Reel Big Fish


Colfax Satisfaction - 2004 - LP
Resident 303 - 2006 - LP

Singles from both albums have been featured in:
Surf Roots Vol2 Compilation - Resin Music 2006
Vans Triple Crown Surf Video 2007

Set List

P-Nuckle can play from 45 minutes to 2 hours.

Sets include a mix of originals and dubbed out covers.