Pile of Bones Brass Band

Pile of Bones Brass Band


The Pile of Bones Brass Band is a collective of musicians that play music in the spirit of traditional New Orleans' style dixieland blended with a wide variety of other musical styles. The brass frontline will peel paint off the wall, while the rhythm section is one of the funkiest of them all. The groove is created by rocksteady tuba bass lines,street-beat drumming, greasy guitar tones, and raw brass harmonies. Be ready to party like it's Mardi Gras!


The Pile of Bones Brass Band is made up of talented Regina-based musicians that play in the New Orleans’ tradition of brass and Dixieland music. However, the “Pile” as we are also affectionately known as, also plays a wide variety of other musical styles including Jazz, Funk, Afrobeat, R&B, Pop, and several of our own original compositions. Our usual instrumentation features the trumpet, trombone, saxophone, sousaphone, electric guitar, drums, vocals and we are also known to bring along a tuba along and other friends to join us in the show.

Although the Pile has been playing together for just over a year, we have been warmly received by several Regina venues and festivals. We have performed at the Regina Folk Festival, the Regina Symphony Under the Sky concert, Mosaic Festival (German Pavilion), the Cathedral Arts Festival and many local venues including McNally’s Tavern, Buswakker Brewpub, and the German Club.