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The best kept secret in music


"New group to hit the streets"

Native of Southern California, Pocket Change are earning their spot in the Hip Hop scene. This # piece high energy original group has performed at Nicholbys opening up for Digital Underground, LA Convention center for Innovatice Intergrations Incorporated performing for more than 30,000 people, and many other local venues. They can not be compared to anything you have ever heard before. Pocket Change’s strong, meaningful lyrics are backed by the original music that tells a story all in it’s own. Pocket Change’s has been receiving positive feedback and airplay on Hip-Hop/ Rap stations throughout the United States. - Roxanne Basowski


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Feeling a bit camera shy


Pocket Change Music started back in 2004. Its called Pocket Change music because they dont just want to be defined as hiphop.

Christopher Michael James a.k.a. Just Chris was born Nov 10, 1981. Started making music back in 1996 has been hittin the streets with the latest in hiphop, rap, techno, drum & bass, classical and other types of composed music. After finding out he had a daughter age 4 that he never knew about. He desided to dedicate himself to her and music. Since then he has been performing and making music none stop.

Jarid Bentley a.k.a. J Rocc / Mr. Exclusive Artist was born October 13th 1980 in Boston Massachusetts. At the age of 6 he moved to California. At the age of 12 he started rapping, freestyling on his way home and to school. And at age of 13 he started rocking shows, entering battles. At the age of 17 J Rocc hooked up with his long time friend Chris James, a.k.a. Just Chris, and got a studio where they could literally teach each other how to produce, write songs, mix down tracks, etc. They stayed together strong for a couple of years and made music that shook their small city of Simi Valley, until that fateful day in 2001 when the studio burnt down. Dealing with his own struggles with life, family, friends, music and all other personal issues J Rocc decided to take his anger out on a pad of paper. In 2002, Just Chris came back from school with an Engineering degree. J Rocc was like a kid in a candy store. He and his long time friend could now officially make music together. Bringing their other long time friend Mike Bruner a.k.a. Faceless into the group. Together they formed Pocket Change.

Mike Faceless is a Emcee/Producer was born in North Carolina, and raised in Virginia. Mike Burner a.k.a. Faceless moved to California when he was 16 and started rhyming at local spots in San Diego. When he was about 18. He met up with a producer named Jah Bluez and with Jah Bluez Became a part of the Tru Artist Movement. Faceless never really found much success with the Tru Artist Movement, but did find a lot of success in the LA battle Circuit at a spot called Elements. He went there weekly and battled for respect and occasionally cash when he won. He also won the title of "805's Greatest" while battled in Oxnard, beating the former long standing champ J-Pro for his title. He held that title for quite a while until he started losing interest in battling all together. Faceless almost quit rhyming all together but he ran into long time high school friend, Jarid Bentley (Jrocc). Jrocc introduced Faceless to his producer, Just Chris. Faceless and Just Chris found a musical bond in making beats and became a part of Pocket Change

B.Jones = emcee spoken word wrapped around rhythms art heart struggle strength knowledge seeker student teacher sleep deprived candle light writer soul searcher higher height reacher book reader Most High believer soul food spoon feeder boom bap soul claps foot taps finger snaps head knods 2 jobs workin’ progress pushing toward + ity city country confronting contradictions within self while finding the wealth that comes in change.