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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"Review - "Presenting...""

“Jason Chesworth has been busy making his way in the acting world for the past few years, but has now turned his attention to music, alongside the Pocket Co.
This 6 track mini album boogies along its own merry way blurring the lines between rock, pop, soul, blues and jazz, never conforming to any one idiom, rather forming its own lines and its own sounds. Jason has a fine voice which blends seamlessly with the band, adding to the general feeling of bonhomie, come on in, sit down and lets rap mood.
It's easy to tell that the rhythm section are veterans of the jazz world, as they underpin the sound, moving it along and keeping it interesting. Not that it's likely to become dull when there are songs as effervescent and memorable as "Fine Looking Woman" and "We Fit Right" to keep our ears sated.
Hopefully, his acting career won't get in the way, for this is refreshing, enjoyable and invigorating.”
- Zeitgeist Magazine (Germany)

"Review - "Presenting...""

“(The Pocket Co.) brings groove to the fore in this debut...through some hammering electric guitar and strong backing vocals.” - The Advocate (Tasmania)

"Review - "Presenting...""

“It’s a great album” - Rolf Hierath of Radio Rheinwelle (Germany) - Radio Rheinwelle (Germany)


#1 requested song (Fine Looking Woman) on KAOS FM (Australia) Ison Radio Live week of May 11, 2004

Airplay on the following stations:

Radio Rheinwelle (Germany)
RPEM-FM (Spain)
Planete Indie (Belgium)
Great Lakes FM (Australia)
2SER FM 107.3 (Australia)
KAOS FM (Australia)
CJLX FM (Canada)
CIUT FM (Canada)
- Various Stations


"Presenting..." - EP (2004)
"Saturday Night at Morley Gibson's" - (Fall 2005)

Streaming available @:
www.newmusiccanada.com (search "jason chesworth")


Feeling a bit camera shy


“Saturday Night at Morley Gibson’s” is The Pocket Co.’s response to the question, “How do you break a band in today’s music market?” The answer: “You don’t.”
Throwing out all of the standard tools of measurement for success, The Pocket Co. steps into a barn for three days, hoping against the odds to come out with an exciting rock and roll experience that will breathe hope into a decaying system of production and a reminder that the only true measurement of success is experience, not economics.
Approaching the project as a professional endeavour of artistic expression, Pocket Co. frontman, Jason Chesworth and producing partner Grahame Wood, spend over 12 months to produce a three days of recording, plan an outdoor independent music concert, convince 7 musicians, 1 producer and countless sponsors to take part, all the while being followed by filmmaker, Todd Witham.
“SN@MG’s” is a stand alone rock and roll album, accompanied by a documentary that articulates the meteoric rise to nothingness that every band experiences regardless of talent.
With a McLuhan-esque understanding of the media available, “Saturday Night at Morley Gibson’s” depicts the inner journey that everyone who has listened to a record through headphones has envisioned.
No-one gets voted off, nobody gets fired and most importantly...nobody gets famous for singing someone else’s music.