pocket full of nickels

pocket full of nickels


We are a group of friends and family who play a roots rock style that has alot of different sides and variety. We write original music that is not limited to genre, and we play some cover material in the likes of the allman brothers band.


We have all been friends for a long time, and our strongest attribute is the natural "click" we have in our sound. We love The Allman Brothers Band, old bluegrass, Dave Mathews, A Perfect Circle, Ani Difranco, old blues rock stuff, greatful dead and alot more. We try to keep it kinda simple and focus on good writing. We play with alot of intensity and like to jam out certain songs and some are kept shorter with a "pop sensibility". Our music is clean and fun, and we want the audience to have as good of a time as we are.


Fade to Grey

Written By: Pocket Full of Nickels (Kenna Christiansen)

please don't mind if i call one more time
maybe next summer, maybe tonight
i like the way that i feel when you pull me inside
your arms and i hide, see what i can find

what is the role that you will have played
will i think about the nights you stayed
or like my rock and roll tshirts will you slowly start to fade
and i won't notice til the black fades to grey

it's a scavenger hunt with just one thing on the list
one quiet moment that i can't resist
the smell of your neck, the subtle letting go
tearin down the walls i build back up when i go

and then i felt your arms around me one more time and for a moment i forget to deny myself a little pleasure and i just enjoy the ride
please don't mind if i call one more time


We have just completed our first full lenghth album, Pocket Full of Nickels self titled. It has ten original songs and is available for purchase online at CD Baby and several CD stores around Des Moines.

Set List

We usually play anywhere between 1 - 3 hours. Our sets are usually split with half covers and half originals. Here are a few of the bands we cover:

Allman Brothers Band
The Band
Greatful Dead
Xavier Rudd
Fleetwood Mac
John Prine
Led Zepplin
John Cougar Mellencamp
A few traditional bluegrass songs (with banjo)
Eric Clapton
Blind Melon

For origanals they all vary in style, but all have a roots rock feel. Each has an additional side to it like blues, country, or jam. Our music has an earthy feel and is fun to listen and dance to.