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Pocket Universe


From Beyond the Abyss into this our Now; we welcome you into our Pocket Universe


The performance art/music duo Pocket Universe comprised of Edmonton artist’s Lord Mykel and His Moonfyre have been creating together since 1999. Sharing a musical theatre art background, they ventured into the world of music together writing, recording and performing unique folk/rock tunes. The response was good but it wasn't *quite* clicking for them. In 2002 they were challenged to create some "Scene Music". The acceptance of that challenge was the genesis of "Into the Abyss" and Pocket Universe’s vision and talent coalesced. Together they have woven the magic that created the sensual aural experience found on their first CD “Into the Abyss” and that magic expands with their Second CD “Primal”

Seductive and enchanting music is their forte and they have chosen to present it in the form of music created for sensually charged encounters. Music meant to be a soundscape to be used by the listener to create the perfect environment for corporeal escapades.

Mykel, a composer and multi-instrumentalist writes the bed tracks of the songs. Moonfyre, a lyricist explores those tracks exposing the words and melodies within. Together they collaborate as producers in their own studio and bring to life their unique style of scene music. That style includes instrumentals, spoken word over music and vocal melodies; all featured in both their CD's. They produce their albums under the label of their independent production company Fyrewind Productions Inc.

here are more ways to contact Pocket Universe
Mail: P.O. Box 42066 Millbourne RPO
Edmonton AB, Canada, T6K 4C4
Phone: 780- 991-9254
Fax: 780-478-8490


Surrender - Track 5 Into the Abyss

Written By: Moonfyre

Your touch of fire
Caresses my skin
Leaving blazing trails
… Imprints of you

I gasp embracing sensation
Pain… mixed with pleasure
Recoiling and reaching
Engulfed in desire

Your pleasure… my pain
my pain… Your desire
Your aim… my surrender
my ecstasy… Your pleasure

Your touch of frost
Cools my welts
Leaving chilled paths
…Traces of you

I moan… slipping notherwhere
Finding my comfort
Floating and flying
Sheltered not lost

Your power… my strength
my strength… Your Dominance
Your command… my joy
my submission… Your power

© 2001 Moonfyre


- Primal - 2004
- Into the Abyss - 2003
- Because We Love - EP - 2001
- Aural Glimpse - Demo- 2000

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Set List

Original performance art show - No covers
Rates are negotiable -varying dependant on venue, equipment, and travel costs.

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