Poco la Pax

Poco la Pax

 Melbourne, Victoria, AUS

Poco la Pa combine the interaction of a live band with the intensity of the club scene.
Bagatelle make songs to dance to, incorporating laptop, vocals, guitars and a live horn section that utilise effects such as delay and distortion, enhancing the electro-pop sound.
Raw, intense and addictive live.


Poco la Pax is a Melbourne electro-pop dance outfit that combines the best of live instrumentation and electronic sampling through dynamic live performances. The irony in the name Poco la Pax, Latin for ‘a little peace’, is that there is nothing tranquil about this band. A hot burst of blood through metropolitan veins, Poco la Pax distils elements of electronic and house to produce an eclectic concoction of sound laced with pop melodies and undertones of latin, dub, jazz and rock.

The band has hit the ground running, having packed out their first live show to the door and recorded an EP with Tony Salter who has worked with Calvin Harris. The gospel of Poco la Pax is dance, music, life, enthralling their audiences with overwhelming, driving beats, catchy pop melodies and high-energy live shows. Lead singer Nkechi Anele describes music as, “the pulse and vibration you feel within yourself that reminds you that you’re alive.” Feel something with Poco la Pax.

Poco la Pax began to take shape in 2009 when 19 year-old guitarist Will Cuming started hankering for something different. Itching for a change from jazz bands and uninspired by his Music course at VCA, he began tinkering on his laptop with electronics beats, driven by his love of discovering new sounds. The voices of Poco la Pax were found in fellow VCA Music student Nkechi Anele, who was snapped up after Will told her he wanted to start a band just to hear her sing; and in schoolmate Eitan Kornfeld, who while dreadlocked and directionless after a year in Israel started casually contributing vocals to the tracks. The next instinctive addition was trombonist Louise Cuming, Will’s older sister and natural creative partner, having shared a childhood within an artistic and music-centric family. Completing the Poco la Pax lineup is Ross Beaton, guitarist and saxophonist, but also known as the guy with the haircut.


Poco la Pax self-titled EP (2010)

Set List

Disco Sound
White Rabbit
Holding Me Back
The Jig
Find You
Rising Sun
War Sketch
Light in Your Body
The Way You Move
Can You Take It
Boom Smack
It Was Yesterday