Poco Loco

Poco Loco

 Cincinnati, Ohio, USA

Poco Loco is a fun, upbeat, danceable band that plays a mix of Afro-Cuban Jazz, Brazilian Jazz and Originals. The groups can play for all occasions, from summer festivals to upscale events. Also wonderful for cultural and educational programs. www.myspace.com/pocolocomusica & www.pocolocomusic.com


Poco Loco is an 8-piece band that adds spice to any event. With a cross-genre repertoire specializing in Latin and Straight-Ahead Jazz, this group plays fun, danceable music suitable for any age. Influences include the Latin Jazz greats Cal Tjader and Tito Puente, with contemporary influences by the Afro-Cuban All Stars and Poncho Sanchez. One of our greatest strengths is our versatility; we can play music that will make people want to get up and dance - and can also perform soft, laid-back bossas to create a calm and relaxed atmosphere. We incorporate plenty of original compositions, and can also revamp well-known tunes and perform them in an entirely new way. In a nutshell, our music is fun, rhythmic and makes the listener feel like moving.


No recordings released yet. Working on a CD of original music.

Set List

Can play a full 4-hour show. Lots of Jazz and Latin Jazz standards as well as originals, including (but not limited to): Picadillo, Philidelphia Mambo, Oye Como Va, Chan Chan, Clandestino, Watermelon Man, Cantelope Island, Mercy Mercy Mercy, Afro Blue, Cocinando, Summertime, Bernie's Tune, Beautiful Love, Africa, Sugar, Little Sunflower, Caravan, Spain and much more.