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Los Angeles, California, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2010 | SELF

Los Angeles, California, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2010
Band Rock Singer/Songwriter




"The Sound Of Salvation"

The tortured artist archetype exists because it is, sadly, an all-too-frequent occurrence. And it seems to be an appropriate moniker for Poeina, a singer-songwriter who grew up on the road and on the streets. Coming into the world smack-dab in the middle of a 14-strong brood of kids, Poeina was raised primarily by her Mormon missionary father. Struggles with emotional, physical and sexual abuse led to struggles with mental health issues, and Poeina spent some time in and out of hospital care. By the time she turned 16, Poeina had been to all of the lower 48 states and was living on the streets in the Capitol Hill area of Seattle with music as her main salvation.

“My talent was the only thing that kept me from being swallowed up by my trials and tribulations. Music was what fed me, clothed me and cared for me in those times. I have realized that had it not been for my voice, maybe my journey would have been far more depressing.” From John Denver to Snoop Dogg, Nirvana to Ani DiFranco, the music that Poeina turned to was wide and deep in scope.

Hip-hop, in particular, was very appealing to her, especially the explicit records — that is until her stepmother found her secret stash and chucked them into the fireplace. But the spirit and flow of that form has stayed with her. In fact, Poeina has collaborated on hip-hop projects with artists embedded in the Pacific Northwest scene. “I have a lot of different personalities when it comes to my creativity, and they are all coping mechanisms for the reality that I live in, which is both beautiful and bizarre,” she explains.

Community has always been another go-to for the artist — specifically, community organizing as a way to make something out of nothing. “Doing that work taught me how to bring people together, engage the community and not be afraid to ask for help. I think being an artist is very much the same.” After all, having ties to something, somewhere is important when you spend the majority of your life on the road. “I have all the major highways memorized and I couldn’t tell you where home was if I tried. Sitting still is the harder part for me.”

Now, though, Poeina sits somewhat still in Southern California, and has found a community through David and Petra Vieira, the owners of Redballs Rock & Roll Pizza, and regular, highly creative Monday night gigs at the Moorpark venue. Poeina muses, “There are other people slowly joining the project, and my hope is, by the time I get to the last Monday out there, that it will be a big crazy circus of music, color, film, dance and mystery.” - Ventura County Reporter

"Bill Locey: Poeina and pizza at Redballs in Moorpark Grab a slice, and listen to the eclectic pop chanteuse, at Redballs in Moorpark"

The one and only Poeina has been bedazzling the chompers with some eclectic music at Redballs every Monday night. Eclectic generally means "weird" but it's good weird for Suddarth, who will be backed by her ever-changing Lucid Dreamers band.
Poeina the ever artsy type, was back up singer on a hip hop tour and then took some solid, drunken advice and went from sideman to frontman - except that she's a girl. Anyway, Suddarth's next created a multimedia play/musical/what-the-heck production called "The Bedroom Show" a thinly veiled but elaborate lead-in to her debut album "Happy Whore."
Then she went on tour. On the cheap. Seriously, if it was anymore low budget, Suddarth would have been standing still. She talked about that and more during a recent phoner... - Ventura County Star

"Top Five Must-See Phoenix Shows This Week"

“Suddarth puts her guitar and assorted effects to good use in her wandering brand of old-time Americana-flavored, indie rock-infused, otherworldly pop. That's a lot of hyphens, but Suddarth's music is hard to define. Rich and atmospheric, haunting and raw, songs are fleshed out with unexpected (and understated) instrumental flourishes from reckless percussion, clawing banjos, jittery mandolins, floating violins and, occasionally, full-string sections. Her evocative, emotive vocals float on top--another layer providing gritty depth.” - phoenixnewtimes

"Poeina Suddarth: "Strange Is Pretty Normal to Me at This Point""

“Touring for any musician can be a difficult challenge. That challenge is multiplied for singer-songwriter Poeina Suddarth. Currently on her Trains, Planes and Automobiles tour supporting Poeina, she relies on the ridesharing kindness of fans, strangers and truckers to get her from gig to gig since her van broke down almost a year ago. She doesn't always make it, but hitching about the country can only add inspiration to her wandering brand of old-tyme Americana-flavored, indie rock-infused, twangy-otherworldly-pop. Suddarth took a few minutes out of her busy performing and busier travel schedule to discuss via email her travel difficulties, missed gigs, upcoming music projects, and her fascination with all-things music -- from country to horrid sounds "not even a mother could love."” - phoenixnewtimes

"Recap: Utica Music and Arts Festival 2013 by Kathy Stockbridge"

“Also performing at the Nail Creek was Los Angeles based Poeina Suddarth. An energy radiated from her as she prepared to take the stage. Her warm welcoming smile and playful attire put the audience at ease immediately. When she began to sing, her sultry, strong voice mesmerized and captivated those listening.” - upstatelive

"Songs & Whispers: Poeina Suddarth & The Lucid Dreamers und Ethan Goodman"

“..Musiker-Stab is rather unconventional: The lucid dreamers, musicians are so ideal..” - nwzonline

"Von wegen nix los im Oldenburger Nachtleben! Text | Horst E. Wegener"

“A couple of tips for the next few days and week...Poeina Suddarth and The lucid dreamers on the stage. A concert that suddenly awakens our curiosity...” - diabolo

"Amerikanische Musiker im Landkreis Von Julia Soostmeyer"

“Her music conveys the diversity of emotionality, with a subtle "Rotzigkeit"” - weser-kurier

"Verträumt-Rockiges mit Lob für Kreisel-Weihnachtsbaum"

“Love in all its facets she has lived and suffered from "What is love?" to "Will it ever really change?" to answer "Love is Blindness he went on". But also of the "Burning Bush in Georgia" was raised. Easily accessible from the whole of Europe was also the musical accompaniment, not always, but in any case prese - kreiszeitung

"5 Jahre "Songs & Whispers" - Connecting Circles"

“...the American with the large voice gained a considerable audience.. by the diversity of high Emotionality, coupled with a subtle "Rotzigkeit" plug in.” - regiomusik

"I gotta run run run"

“It was crazy. I've felt the magic that occurs when people make music together, because they need to. Not because they are going after three successful albums and a number one hit as part of their record contract again for promotional purposes on tour...Because I have watched this woman open her mouth, as she screamed her soul into the room, It gave me the feeling that if you really want it, just about anything can be possible.” - Maed Chen Fuer Alles

"Groovefest is a local treasure of national musicians"

Local Spotlight: Poeina Suddarth
She may have only lived in Cedar City for about nine months as a teenager, but that should qualify Poeina Suddarth as at least somewhat local.

The Los Angeles-based singer later returned to Southern Utah while touring with her band Felina’s Arrow. Most recently, she played two slots at this year’s Groovefest, headlining the June 26 Campfire Concert in the Canyon then playing the second stage on June 30 at Cedar City’s Main Street Park.

Both sets featured music from her latest album, “Happy Whore,” including her hard-hitting single “Gasoline,” which has been getting some radio play. The track showcases Suddarth’s powerfully defiant vocals against a spooky mix of banjo and mandolin.

The mando and banjo return for the gentle “White Mt. Beauty,” a charming mix of folk, gospel and bluegrass sounds that lets us enjoy the softer side of Suddarth’s raspy but engaging voice. That rasp gives songs like the bluesy “Electric Land” an earthy authenticity.

“Coral Reef” is the most dynamic track as it shows off the power and range of Suddarth’s vocals, especially as she sings in an operatic Latin style that morphs into impassioned aggression. To truly appreciate this song, though, you have to see Suddarth perform it live — ideally when she’s wearing a bright pink dress and trotting around a campfire in Cedar Canyon. It’s a sight to behold. - The Spectrum ~ Brian Passey ~July 5th, 2013

"Groovefest Campfire Concert in the Canyon 2013"

Poeina Suddarth, whose rocking style was evident not only in her music and “stage” presence, but also her brilliantly pink dress. ~Brian Passey - The Spectrum

"Phenomenal Phenomenal CD"

Happy Whore is a phenomenal, phenomenal cd. It should be in everybody's collection. You should listen to it often. It's beautiful. - Interview with Darrell Fortune - NWCZ Radio Tacoma, WA

"Album Review ~ Happy Whore"

"Poeina Suddarth = Honey Honey + Amy Winehouse + Janis Joplin

Poeina Suddarth’s vocal range is insane. Her sharp-yet-sweet voice travels everywhere from upbeat skit-skat jazz on “Natural Disaster,” all the way to relaxed grass-plains country sounds on “Gasoline” and “White Mr. Beauty.” In many instances, her voice sounds a lot like Hayley Williams of Paramore, though she masterfully dives into spaces Williams wouldn’t dare go. The real lobe-lasher is “Coral Reef,” where Suddarth squeals out high-pitched operatic vocals over rich acoustic cross-picking—I’m still pulling glass shards from my ears, but it hurts good. Tracks like “A Man Like Me” and “Hey Sister” are dressed in a lightly grim, heart-aching atmosphere (call her Edgar Allen Poeina) that adds excellent dynamic tension. Overall, Suddarth has cultivated an intriguing vibe with a little bit of everything; it’s lustrous, eclectic, and damn sexy. If Poeina Suddarth is a happy whore, I’m a happy client—this tumble was worth my time." - CJ Morgan, SLUG Magazine (June 7, 2013)

"Dark Time Sunshine Review"

From P.O.S.’s serious yet slightly humorous style to Poeina Suddarth’s hauntingly beautiful vocals to a verse from Aesop Rock that echoes Labor Days each feature is a logical one. With the futuristic beats of Zavala and the abstract steez of Onry, ANX is the type of album that will help garnish new fans without alienating existing ones, like it should be - Rachel Greenburg, Ok Player (Aug 17, 2012)

"Looking for a truly unique experience?"

Tonight is your last night to witness Poeina Suddarth’s (formerly of Felina’s Arrow) The Bedroom Show. Showcasing the theme of “losing your faith but still surviving, The Bedroom Show is a velvety multi-layered multimedia extravaganza, using classical, modern, and pop-influenced dance, along with silent film and a full band… all taking place in the setting of a 1930s pinup girl bedroom set.

Seems like a lot to swallow. Let’s have Poeina describe how The Bedroom Show came to be:

Through e-mail correspondence, Poeina described the emotional rollercoaster she went through creating this show, as she was also using it as a way to deal with a heart-wrenching breakup. Lack of funding through grants didn’t deter her (or her fans) from making this show come to life.

Her masterpiece is now ready for you. The real question is… are you ready for it?

Poeina Suddarth’s The Bedroom Show is tonight (May 20) at the Alberta Rose Theater. Doors are at 7:00 p.m., and the show begins at 8:00 p.m. Tickets are $18 pre-sale, $22 at the door.
- Just Out

"PDX Unplugged Summerfest: Poeina Suddarth captivates on Day 2"

..one performance stood out above the rest, Poeina Suddarth’s...she mesmerized the audience with her emotional set which was both passionate and at times painful... Her songs reflect an incredible range of styles from operatic and melodic, to pop...ne young man gave up his stool at the bar, moved to the front of the room and sat entranced on the floor immediately in front of the stage, “That is one of the sexiest songs I’ve ever heard,” he expressed as Suddarth sang “The Coral Reef.” Her performance was visceral... - Oregon Music News

"Poeina Suddarth invites you into her bedroom and into her psyche"

For the past twelve-plus months, singer/songwriter Poeina Suddarth (formerly one half of the duo Felina’s Arrow) has been putting her life story onto paper and transforming it into a musical history about her not-so-perfect life where her faith is challenged, but still she finds a way to survive. Her words are “a representation of our basic human capacity to reach beyond the expectations we put upon ourselves to extend beyond the darkness, beyond the solitude of suicide survival, to find life on the other side.”

Part celebration of the music that will be included in her 7th CD, Happy Whore; part multi-media experiment incorporating classical, modern, and pop-influenced dance choreography, a silent film, and a full band; The Bedroom Show is a positive, passionate and cathartic exploration of an artist exposing her deepest experiences and rawest emotions in front of a live audience.

This work is an intimate view into Suddarth’s soul and psyche where you are literally invited into her bedroom – recreated on the Alberta Rose stage for two nights only, this Thursday and Friday, May 19th and 20th – to watch as she strums her pain with her fingers and sings her life with her words
This show is about the time I lost my faith and still survived. It moves through my childhood, into my adult relationships, and ends on a bridge fantasizing about my death. I come to the realization that this life is not my own to throw away.

I got the idea for The Bedroom show about a year ago, when at 29, was writing songs for my own sin and salvation. I found myself questioning whether or not I wanted to continue with this life. I felt it was time for honesty, to stand naked before my judgment, and watch my life pass before my eyes. I chose the stage instead of death to do this.

From my roots growing up in rural Washington, to living in a van across the Northwest, I spent most of my life believing I had a purpose to fulfill. It’s what got me through much of my life – as a young child living in survival mode; binging on drugs, alcohol, sex, or starvation; enduring physical, emotional, and sexual abuse; that simple belief is the only reason I’ve lived this long.

What I learned through extensive self-work, personal discipline, and a naturopathic approach to mental health over the years, was that in fact I did not have a special purpose. In fact, I am just a tiny speck in an infinite universe. Instead, I awaked to the knowledge that the love I have for my brothers and sisters are enough of a reason for me to keep living and having hope.

That love and that hope gave me the courage to tell my story in this very personal and very intimate way. I hope to allow myself to mourn so that I can move on in my life and enjoy life. Through experiencing this show, I hope that people will be able to mourn for the things they need to mourn for as well, and come out feeling renewed and inspired.

The setting: An intimate 1930’s pinup girl bedroom set.

Cast of characters:
Rayne Tafoya – Poeina, my father
Sequella Allen – mother
Zoe Neilson – my inner child
Emily Shelly – big rabbit, danger bird, dancer
Lindsae Klein – dancer, danger bird
Darius Todar – red monster
Jesse Lee – poet

The Mighty Linderman – Percussion
Acoustic Minds, Twin Duo, Jenni and Amanda Price – Vocals
The Shook Twins – Katelyn and Laurie Shook – Vocals, Mandolin, Banjo, Guitar
Schuler Neilson – Bass, Guitar
Raelyn Olson – Concert Harp
Teri Untalan – Vocals, Viola
Mary Ellen Grace – Soprano Sax
Dan Shelby – Tenor Sax
Kevin Pardew – Bass, Guitar

Ian Stout – Vertica Productions

Storyline: Although this performance is based on the events of my life, some events are combined or slightly rearranged to convey the same emotions without repeating myself or complicating the overall intention of the piece.

Film #1- My foundation is burning to the ground as the number of my siblings grows. My father is brainwashing me to believe that my mother wants to kill me. Amidst the chaos an evil shadow steals my light. My father seems unaffected by my darkness but gets angry and jealous when I am caught hugging one of my brothers. He calls me a whore and I run away.

Onstage: Performing songs about my family and my father’s obsession with weighing and measuring all the kids daily. This segment of the show further discusses the manipulation and abuse in my youth.

Film #2: Living on the streets, I grow from child to young adult and end up in an alley and am approached by two monsters that attack me. They call me a whore. I am split into two beings and meet up with my inner child.

Onstage: My inner child watches her parents in a recurring argument. Later she finds the adult me and is very, very scared. I teach her to protect herself. Safe in that knowledge, she can go to sleep. I go to extremes to do everything I can to keep her safe inside the bedroom. I realize I’ve become a complete disaster and - Oregon Music News

""Bedroom" puts inner demons to rest"

Suddarth's new musical, a story of hope and resurrection, and contains downright good music from her album "happy whore", the bedroom show puts inner demons to rest, moody, sometimes graphic, challenges audience - Rob Cullivan, Portland Tribune (May 19, 2011)

"Friday the 13th: The Pacific Northwest’s Poeina Suddarth and Florida’s Baron Sisters combine forces for one lucky night"

And when Poeina Suddarth pulls on her boots to do some stomping, it’s not a sight likely to go unnoticed, since they’re usually topped off with layers of petticoat, a guitar, and a versatile voice that resonates with prose and passion., Often evoking another era with seductive, soulful vocals and modern blues rhythms, all barely cradled by country; Suddarth’s powerful pipes, sensuous lyrics, and bold arrangements win your love for Happy Whore - Sunny Clark, Oregon Music News (Jul 13, 2012)

"Alt. Chanteuse"

Don’t know much about Poeina Suddarth. She apparently lived in Portland and is friends with the Shook Twins, among others. Her ReverbNation page says she plays “subdued thrasher bluegrass,” but I’d call it alt. chanteuse, or better yet just forget pigeonholing — she’s good. You’ll see when she plays at Mad River Brewing Saturday. - Bob Doran, The Journal (Aug 04, 2012)

"Indie Artist Spotlight"

this hour long pre-recorded show features an interview with Kiva Johns-Adkins and an indie artist from the stations rotation. This week's guest is Poeina Suddarth, whose style has been described as subdued thrasher bluegrass. Classically trained, you will hear her sing opera in some of her songs. She is also a costume designer and film maker who has a story or two to tell. - Kiva Johns-Adkins, Butterflies Radio Indie Views Artist Spotlight (Jan 27, 2013)

"Poeina Suddarth ~ Subdued Thrasher Bluegrass"

The lives of musicians are usually never something anyone can predict, and it’s true with recording artist Poeina Suddarth. Described as subdued thrasher bluegrass she mixes styles in ways that can be really fresh and even collaborating with hip-hop artists as a vocalist. In this interview you’ll learn what it means to persevere no matter what, and we talk about one great way to approach practicing guitar that is more based off feeling. Here you’ll find inspiration in someone who has truly lived and conquered their fears so that she could release her unique voice and message into the world. - Kyle Williams, Seeds of Music (Mar 21, 2013)

"'bedroom' puts inner demons to rest"

The last thing “The Bedroom Show” will do is put you to sleep.

Don’t be fooled by the promotional posters depicting lingerie-clad women. This is not some lighthearted burlesque romp, it’s a serious examination of fear, rape, double standards and despair.

Singer-guitarist Poeina E. Suddarth has put together a multimedia folk-rock opera that uses classical, modern and pop influenced dance choreography along with silent film, and a full band, to explore her inner child and outer experiences.

The show runs Thursday, May 19, and Friday, May 20, at the Alberta Rose Theatre.

Suddarth’s new autobiographical musical, which premieres this week, is not just one long descent into hell, though, it’s also a story of hope and resurrection, and contains some downright great music from her seventh CD “Happy Whore,” including songs that range from intricate rock to bouncy country.

“I decided to put on ‘The Bedroom Show’ to invite the audience into my room, to truly bare my soul, and share my story of how I came to where I am today,” Suddarth says.

On her own
“The Bedroom Show” began after Suddarth, 29, ended a longtime musical and romantic partnership last year. Suddarth has been on the Northwest music scene for well over a decade, having made her professional debut on a side stage at the Lilith Fair (along with schoolmate-who-became-famous-singer Brandi Carlisle) back in 1996.

Suddarth has played in various groups, including Bicycle, Redfish Bluefish, Felina’s Arrow and Dark Time Sunshine. Her years of making connections in the business have paid off, as she’s assembled a stellar Portland musical cast to accompany her, including The Shook Twins, Jenni and Amanda Price of Acoustic Minds and vocalist-violist Teri Untalan, who’s worked with Buckethead, among many others.

“Most everyone in the show I have performed with over the years,” Suddarth says. “The few new recruits are friends who I’ve known through other musical adventures. Everyone in the show at some point has said to me that they weren’t aware of what they were signing up for but now are happy to be a part of this big adventure. I just smile apologetically and say that I didn’t know what I was getting us all into either but thank you for sticking it out!”

The show has stretched her limited budget and used all her talents.

“I choreographed three of the five dance numbers, designed the costumes and have been sewing them myself, wrote and directed the film, wrote the show storyline, all music in the show is original, and have been doing most of the production work for this show without a budget,” she adds before catching her breath.

Panic attacks
Suddarth notes the show challenged her psyche.

“Around January I was having too many panic attacks and so I had to figure out how to tell my story without traumatizing myself,” she says.

“I decided to change the order of some events, condense some of the bad stuff, and try to characterize as much as I could. There is a piece in the show that is directly from a recurring nightmare that I had from ages 5 to 13. I changed what I needed to in order to keep the focus on the recurring themes I was aiming toward.”

She also struggled with filming one scene dealing with the sexual assaults she’s experienced.

“I paced around yelling at myself and wondering why I put myself in the film,” she says. “I decided that I relive all the abuse daily anyhow so what difference does it make. It was an interesting experience driving around town looking for a ‘good spot’ to get raped, and I think we all did a good job of using laughter as our medicine.”

She even found the whole experience of filming the assault to be somewhat healing, she says.

“I went home and took a shower the way I had so many times before — but I didn’t feel dirty or sad,” she says.

Suddarth realizes there will likely be audience members for whom the film may raise painful memories, and notes that’s why the film shifts to a peaceful pastoral scene featuring girls dancing in white dresses, right after the assault.

“I have tried to mix pleasure and pain so as not to overwhelm the spirit with the dark.”

Loss of faith
Ultimately, what the bedroom show is about is losing one faith’s and surviving, she says, confessing to have been driven to the suicidal edge at one point when she lost her faith in everything, including “my purpose, humanity, love.”

“I called my sisters and told them I love life but that it was just too much for me,” Suddarth adds, noting she’s one of 13 children. “I was worried that I would never actually be able to feel happiness outside of a manic frenzy. One of my sisters told me in a very nice tone that I should come visit her first before and stay with her for a while before I kill myself so she can say goodbye.”

Fortunately, her sister’s gentle request was a wakeup call that drew her back from suicide.

“I didn’t feel like I could abandon my siblings after everything we’d been through.”

In - Portland Tribune


Poeina - Happy Whore - full length released April 24th, 2014

also appeared on:
Band - Album - song - year

DarkTimeSunshine - Vessel - No Eye Contact - 2010
Eastern Sunz - Corroded Utopia - Balance - 2010
Iame - Lame - Domestikated - 2011
Hired Hand - Hired Hand - Armageddon - 2011
Eastern Sunz - Filthy Hippy Music - Threads - 2012
Iame - Lame​$​tream - Cleanup Crew - 2012
Iame - Lame​$​tream - April (No Thaw) - 2012
DarkTimeSunshine - ANX - I'll Be Damned - 2012
Felina's Arrow - Let Me Tell You A Story - co-wrote full length album - 2006



Poeina Suddarth has been inspired by and closely knit into the Northwest hip hop community yet her solo music has been more often compared with Janis Joplin, Amy Winehouse and Billie Holiday. 

Poeina was a music teacher, studio musician, and a community volunteer organizer. During a tour where she was a vocalist and hype girl for Northwest hip hop group Dark Time Sunshine in April 2010, rapper Onry Ozzborn came up to her before the show and said, “now is the time, you are a star girl. You need to get yourself your own stage”. It was those words that inspired her to go home and begin to launch her career as a songwriter & bandleader.

Poeina’s solo music first hit the stage during her original musical production, “The Bedroom Show” in May of 2011. The show was based on the theme from her song "White Mountain Beauty" that says, “with the thunder brings the rain in the canyons echoing like the time I lost my faith and still survived”. The bedroom show was written, produced and performed by Poeina Suddarth with the support from the Northwestern community, and 30+ cast and crew members. 

The whole of 2013 Poeina toured the Planes, Trains, & automobiles tour. Without a tour vehicle Poeina hitchhiked, rideshared, and took public transportation around the country. In each city Poeina met up with her Lucid Dreamers for a rehearsal before the show. The Lucid Dreamers are a pool of 30+ west coast musicians who are armed and ready to join the stage to back up Poeina. The Lucid Dreamers include, strings, horns, percussion, vocals, dancers and visual artists. 

After concluding a European tour with Poeina & the Lucid Dreamers December 2013, Poeina & The Lucid Dreamers went straight into the studio to start working on a new full length album.  Currently you can find Poeina & The Lucid Dreamers playing every Monday night at Rock N Roll Pizza in Moorpark, CA or on the road in June 2014 for a NW US tour & November 2014 for a EuroTour.

Poeina's music is currently receiving airplay on the following radio stations.
Radio Jade Jever, Germany
KVNA Flagstaff, AZ
KRXB Boise, ID
KWSS Glendale, AZ
WWIR Hollywood, FL
KSBX Los Angeles, CA
Moheak Radio Los Angeles, CA
NWCZ Tacoma, WA
KZME Gresham, OR
WAOFM99 India/Dubai
KSUU Cedar City, UT
CNEU Radio

also appeared on 
Weser Radio Delmenhorst, Germany
oregon sports news
radio KSCR
red earth radio
wide radius radio
radio uproar
CNEU radio
WRPS internet radio
CMG radio
Error FM
WDGP radio

Poeina has also appeared on:
Band - Album - song - year

DarkTimeSunshine - Vessel - No Eye Contact - 2010
Eastern Sunz - Corroded Utopia - Balance - 2010
Iame - Lame - Domestikated - 2011
Hired Hand - Hired Hand - Armageddon - 2011
Eastern Sunz - Filthy Hippy Music - Threads - 2012
Iame - Lame​$​tream - Cleanup Crew - 2012
Iame - Lame​$​tream - April (No Thaw) - 2012
DarkTimeSunshine - ANX - I'll Be Damned - 2012
Felina's Arrow - Let Me Tell You A Story - full album - 2006

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