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Roanoke, Virginia, United States | SELF

Roanoke, Virginia, United States | SELF
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"Artist Spotlight: Poe Mack"

A couple of weeks ago we hosted the brand new mixtape from Roanoke, Virginia emcee/producer Poe Mack. The mixtape, Move Mountains, is some of Mack’s finest work to date. For those that aren’t familiar, hit the jump to get to know Poe Mack…

Where you reppin:

Southwest VA, I live in Salem… I am originally from Roanoke.

Introduce yourself:

To those that don’t know me… I am Poe Mack. I engineer/produce/emcee/promoter. I actually manage a bluegrass and rock studio as well.

Where did the name Poe Mack come from?

My original emcee name was Poseidon MC. I got tired people not pronouncing it correctly and Mack is already my last name. I had a couple of buddies suggest Poe Mack and it stuck.

Main musical inspirations:

Jane Powell (aunt)…. she sings for Norweigan Cruise Lines and did college tours winning numerous NACA awards from them. She took me and my homies on the road as teenagers. She made an appearance in Chris O’Donnell starred film “The Bachelor” also. Nas. Dr. Dre.

When did you fall in love with hip hop?

1995, I always had a love for all music though.

Current projects we should be looking out for:

Move Mountains hosted by KevinNottingham.com w/ features from Kaze, Sketch M, K Beta, Jah-I-Witness, Range Da Messenga, Big Hop mixed by DJ Van Gundy. Anything else you can link to through MackJonesMedia.com

Previous work that we should know about:

11.0, The Greatest Unknown, November Reign… numerous other mixtapes and collaborations too, easily about 20 CD’s worth of music

What’s your equipment setup like?

I still have Fruity Loops but it’s collecting the cyber dust, lol… I prefer Maschine by Native Instruments—It’s a MONSTER!!!

Give me any quality recording software, a condenser mic, and a good pre amp… I’m ready to rock

If you had to pick one song that defines your career to date, what song would that be?

“I Know” from the new Move Mountains mixtape.

If you weren’t doing music, what would your occupation be?

Not sure, but something to do with public relations.

Why should our readers give you a shot and listen to your music from here on out?

Because of loyalty… No matter how much productive growth occurs, my fans will always get the same Poe Mack in the end. They might not like every song I do, thats fine. But, I will never be an embarrassment to my fans like some others artists have made theirselves. Without fans in this business, YOU ARE NOBODY. So as a real artists, I do me but stay loyal to the art.

If you could only take one record on a deserted island with you, what album would that be?

Kanye West’s College Dropout

Tell us one thing that very few people may know about you.

I wanted to be a weatherman when I was a kid.

What’s next for you?

Me and DJ Van Gundy are going to continue to hit the road, keep recording, keep rocking stages

We have shows coming up w/ Nickelus F, Rapsody, Minds One, Bo Jankans, King Mez

Any shout outs or last words?

Shouts to Kevin and Justin at the site for the love and support…

Shouts to my wife, Shouts to DJ Van Gundy ( the original mastermind behind Move Mountains)

Shouts to my whole circle, you all know who you are

My last words… Lookout for Poe Mack, the hardest worker you will find on the Indy circuit. I promise. - Kevin Nottingham

"email permalink 7 Apr 2012 06:02 PM Face Of The Day"

"You might think it would be all about sex, drugs, more drugs and getting high," he said. "But the real theme is hard work. One of the guys, Poe Mack, his whole thing goes back to blue-collar, hard work, no-days-off grinding. That he’s going to make it no matter what." - Andrew Sullivan/NewsWeek blog

"Behind the scenes of "Small Town Hip-Hop in Virginia""

These guys would never say "DIY," but it's sort of the same feeling, the same attitude. For some of the guys, it's definitely a grind. They're working a day job or they're working odd jobs to support themselves and support their families. You know, with the ultimate goal of their music supporting everybody, one day. There's a few guys that are on government assistance, and then there's a guy like Poe Mack who's actually, you know, able to support himself with his music. There's a huge sliding scale of how these guys do it. - Brandon Soderberg/Spin Magazine

"Beats, Rhymes and Hard Work"

“You might think it would be all about sex, drugs, more drugs and getting high,” he said. “But the real theme is hard work. One of the guys, Poe Mack, his whole thing goes back to blue-collar, hard work, no-days-off grinding. That he’s going to make it no matter what.”

Among the rappers he photographed, he spent a lot of time with Poe Mack, capturing him in hotels and on the road, as well as close to home. Though Poe Mack worked in a recording studio, where he records high school bands and choirs, he was looking forward to the day that he could support himself and his family on his music. The road to that goal was hardly glamorous. - David Gonzalez/New York Times


Photographer Jared Soares was able to get on board with Virginia rapper Poe Mack as he toured with Grammy-winning producer 9th Wonder. The tour went all over the East coast, and while Soares was only able to join them for a few tour dates, he was able to get a multitude of great photographs. In just a few days, Soares is able to get pictures that realistically document a day on tour in its entirety, with many emotions from excitement to frustration. - Online Respect Magazine staff

"Top tickets : From hip-hop to hot hillbilly"


Poe Mack

With Metaphor The Great, Ed E. Ruger and the Brown Bag Special, Jah-I-Witness, Celinski, Swerve 36 on the tables

The head swims with the hip-hop madness. Mack is bringing in Metaphor, who is responsible for "Riley's Theme" on "The Boondocks" cartoon. Jah-I-Witness, of True Sound, will surely be on it at Awful's.

By the way, if you haven't heard Mack's new "November Reign," there is at least one interesting surprise. The disc features a guest appearance by Poe's aunt, Jane L. Powell, a terrific jazz and blues singer. Powell belts it out, gutbucket blues style, on Track 8, "My Dreams."

Details: 9:30 p.m. Friday. Awful Arthur's, downtown Roanoke. $3 cover includes free concert DVD. 344-2997, myspace.com/awfularthursdowntown, myspace.com/poemack.
- Tad Dickens

"Poe Mack muscles out The Seed for No. 1"

From new channels editor Dwayne Yancey:

> We have a new number one video in MusicCast land and it’s our newest video: “Sweet Home in Virginia,” by Poe Mack. Another new video from one of Poe Mack’s associates also makes the MusicCast Top 5 this week — “One for the Money,” by Tre’Mendous and Robb-Bust. Welcome aboard, guys. The Seed, which has spent 10 weeks off and on in first place, falls to third. So what will be the favorite music video on the MusicCast next week? You tell us.We base the MusicCast Top 5 on who gets the most plays — so if there’s someone you like, just keep on clicking.

> If you think your band’s video should be in the Top 5, post it to our site, and maybe it will be. Many of these are videos the artists shot themselves and sent in to us. Details are below.

> Here’s the week’s Top 5:

1. “Sweet Home in Virginia,” by Poe Mack
2. “Oxycontin Rock,” by the Roanoke Allstars
3. “No More,” by The Seed
4. “Demijohn,” by the Pickin Buds
5. “One for the Money,” by Tre’Mendous and Robb-Bust
- Tad Dickens

"Middle East Micfest 2005"

Poe Mack's Middle East Micfest 2005

Poseidon M.C., aka Poe Mack, aka Byron Mack, and a pack of other hip-hop acts are getting together for this show.

Our own local music guru and Franklin County beat reporter Mason Adams is a big fan. Adams writes of Mack's recent "Day 3: Poetic Mischief": "It's hard to pick a favorite on this album, but 'Not That Easy' definitely ranks up high on my list. The song's built on a playful jazz sample and serves as a sum-up for the rest of the album."

Details: 9:30 p.m. Friday, La Finca, 27 Campbell Ave., downtown Roanoke. $3 for women, $5 for men. Call …
- Tad Dickens

"Poe Mack: more than a rapper"

Unbeknownst to some, Roanoke has a very vocal, vibrant, and vivacious hip hop community. One of the pillars of the Star City’s hip hop scene is Poe Mack. Poe Mack not only raps, he also produces tracks and promotes tours.

A cornerstone of Roanoke’s live music scene, Poe Mack began with no formal music training, just the soulful songs he heard his aunt and mother singing as a child. He started rapping over other peoples instrumentals in 1996. Unlike many in the national hip hop community, he didn’t subscribe to the east coast/west coast beef that ultimately martyred two of raps greatest MCs, 2pac and Notorious B.I.G. In fact, he was inspired by primarily west coast rappers at that time.

Exasperated with his inability to convince other artists to make beats for him, Poe Mack began making them himself in December of 1997. His first beat machine, a rolling PMA 5, which he still has today, was a Christmas present from his aunt. Although his styles vary, you can feel the soulful influence in his music. When conducting songs, he’s usually 90% sure how he wants it to sound, before even starting; opting to work smarter instead of harder.

He began promoting with the Middle East MicFest tour in 2003. After initiating the tour, he began to network, and get shows all across Virginia. He eventually began touring as far away as the Caribbean. The Middle East MicFest is an annual fixture, so the 2011 edition will kick-off next January. In the meantime, Mack Jones (Poe Mack and friend/group mate Case Jones) will be headlining the statewide VA Strong Tour, a combination of Virginia MCs representing all of Virginia’s area codes. For more info about Poe Mack, and his upcoming events visit mackjones540.com, or his pages on myspace.com and facebook.com.
- Matthew Whitted


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Poe Mack is truly the definition of an independent artist. He writes, produces, records, and engineers his own music. Also, He books his own shows and sets up his own tours. In the last four years Poe has put together four sucessful tours that have covered eight states, including the 2011 Middle East Micfest Tour with 9th Wonder and Jamla Records. His latest notable performance was at Floydfest 2012, which housed over 10,000 people.
A native of Roanoke Virginia, Poe has worked with producers and other artists in different countries including Canada, England, and South Africa. Poe Mack has also been in publication features including Respect Magazine, Spin, NewsWeek, the New York Times and many regional blogs and other readings. The non stop effort Poe has put into his craft has led to opportunities to be on shows with some of hip hop's elite. With over two hundred shows to his credit he has honed his skill as a seasoned performer on stage.
Poe Mack also gives back to the community by doing benefits for Ovarian Cancer, Hurricane Katrina, The Virginia Tech Massacre Victims, and the Character Rocks Program. He is also an instructor of his "Hip Hoponomics" youth program, covering indie hip hop studies with youth between the ages of 12 – 18 years. The non stop work ethic and drive of Poe Mack is making him an artist/producer to watch. World take notice.

Poe Mack