Jazz pushed to the realm of indie rock; the strange calm intrinsic to a thunderstorm; the joy of those jhanic states that take courage to perceive.


Poésis: (poi-ae-sis) self-creation; the creative manifestation of spirit; often defined as the force that mysteriously holds quantum particles together. From the bosom of the Colorado mountains, reigns a musical collective of four young, but surprisingly seasoned, musicians, who have created the unique ‘jazz meets indie rock’ sound that they call: Poésis. Each musician brings a unique musical history to the table. Xanthe, on lead vocals, developed her sound by way of constant shows with national acts, honing her thick, ‘Ella Fitzgerald meets Fiona Apple twang,’ leading jazz bands around the states. Xanthe is currently one of three nominees for ‘Best Regional Singer/Songwriter’ by the esteemed Pikes Peak Art Council. Jonathan Gabriel, vocalist, co-writer, and guitarist, was forged in the relentless LA fires of rock and roll, graduating at the top of his class at Musician’s Institute in Hollywood. His experience in the local scene is extensive, and he is no stranger to creating the type of atmospheric music necessary for soundtracks, or laying down a raw, unfiltered, impassioned, melodic lead. David Cannava, a well-seasoned drummer, has grown technically beyond his age, spanning the rhythmic gaps between hard rock and jazz. His poly-rhythms glues the band together. Melissa Jones, a young soulful acoustic bassist, knows how to walk with the best of them, and put down some serious funk. Together, the four manifest a mighty force of spirit, the types of deafening sounds one would expect in a canyon thunderstorm, juxtaposed with soft, melodic interplay, improvisation, and raw, spiritual, organic warmth.


Song for Kristy

Written By: Jonathan Gabriel Sparks

Well I heard you left to the Big Apple • did that fruit help you grow • And Oh, Eve • I never minded your sins • you were always made from the rib • that framed my heart-beat • yeah • and I’m not afraid to say I miss you • even though it might make you run • or that you’ve been the standard • that helped me to leave everyone that I didn’t love • and I don’t need anything from you • you don’t even have to reply • for all I know • I’m better off leaving you • idealized • The last time I saw you • I wanted you so bad • that I tried to mold myself after • everything you said you wished you had • but love cannot be acted • and I realize this now • so I bring to you sweet disillusion • not a beggar who’s proud • so I guess this means I like you • and that I would gladly sacrifice • one bitter, cold, lonely night • for everyday that you’ll give us a try • and I’d be glad to hear our story • told to grandchildren over firelight • but whether or not it’s about the one who got away • or the one that taught me to fly • I leave that up to you

The Sky is Falling

Written By: Jonathan Gabriel Sparks

Take these choices from me • Lord, don’t make me stand • I’m tired of being free • Tell me you’ve got a plan • ‘Cause the sky is falling • the sky is falling • the sky is falling • and I can’t see the ground • I Guess I’m tired of being me • But the sun shines down on everything • and I wish I could lie • like I used to • So here it is baby • no more metaphors • here I am baby • Someone’s got to answer the door

The Paint Inbetween

Written By: Jonathan Gabriel Sparks

Before you came around
There was only one season;
the sun, it was always

But my land it dried up
and my rivers quit flowing,
until there was nothing left
to plow.

But you brought the Fall
and you brought the Winter,
and now my roots grow deeper
while you fly South.

You didn't give me no lines
to paint inbetween,
oh Darlin' your rain it makes my
colors bleed

You didn't give me no lines
to paint inbetween
oh Honey, your rain it makes my
colors run.

You, so good at smiling for cameras,
gave me 1,000 photographs
all worth one single word:

My love is trapped in photographs
and I with her,
silhouetting all of our smiles
into blacks and whites.

So I bury my camera today,
for it's all that I've known of love
in hopes that someday
you'll smile for me

You didn't give me no lines
to paint inbetween
oh Darlin' your rain, it makes my
colors bleed.

You didn't give me no lines,
to paint inbetween
oh Baby, your rain it makes my
colors run

oh run away, just like you
always do....

So I bury my camera today
for it's all that I've known of love
in hopes that someday
you'll smile for me.


Poésis has released one album titled "The Letter"
The Letter is regularly played on 91.5 KRCC, Colorado Springs, and is available on iTunes, Pure Volume, Indie911, CD Baby, and many other internet radio sites...

This album contains the following tracks.
1. Lucid Rain
2. Healing Me
3. Song for Kristy
4. Boston
5. Sunday Morning
6. A Thousand Miles
7. Shipwrecked
8. The Letter
9. Psychosis
10. Before I Was Born
11. Everything Fades
12. The Sky is Falling

Set List

Poésis has over 3 hours of music, most of which is original. The few covers we do are often jazz and blues favorites that we do in our own special way.

We also do acoustic, unplugged shows for more intimate settings. These sets tend to include much more folk music and focus on Xanthe and Jonathan's harmonies.