Poetica & Dream Perferred Project

Poetica & Dream Perferred Project


Fly as the Queen Nzingha she bring da voice that sooths like verbal menthol elixirs in ya club speakers live for those down even in surround sound sporting words and a crown poetically profound Poetica


A Renissance Woman who has done everything in addition to appearing in commercials on radio and television. A Music school teacher on Law and Order featuring Anthony Anderson, appearing as a Protestor in Interpreter & Tenant in Freedomland. Her on-line radio show "In Between Da Beats" aired 24/7 recieving hits arcoss the country London, Africa, DC and New York they would log in to hear that velvet voice on the former Neo soul site. The audience, admirer's of a emerging collection of indie now signed acts she became
associated with.

She has even been poetically profound on film, (both in front of and behind the camera) since relocating to New York she worked as personal assitant for Director Lamont Burell and with him began her career as a producer of shorts and music videos. They were introduced by Alicia Keyz during her private release of "Tears For Water" when Poetica Sang Her "Water For Wine" featured that evening with the likes of Kanye, Mos, Common, Talib and Alicia, all at the Harlem Grill in New York. While attending Philadelphia's Creative & Performing Arts High School she was a part of an artist collective started by grammy award winning group "The Roots" called "Foreign Objects". She was also a resident poet at Philadelphia's world famous October Gallery, along with the Likes of Rich Medina & Jill Scott.

Her stretch as a hostess of the underground scene from 95 thru 99 in Philadelphia, made her smile a staple of the underground. At Wilhelmina's Lounge her weekly thursday event would spawn drop in performances by special guests, Yet Weds. at South Street Blues is where she enjoyed the journey thru music accompained by drummer Eric Tribbet among many other renound musicans off tour. Those jam sessions aided in the development of Poetica's sound. Amongst the years of hosting, South Street Blues was a befitting finale, she turned down hosting the Black Lilly in Philly (There new found label success warrented funds for flow, they said no-doe, she said no-show, no hard feelings) and would perform when she could for the Lilly at the Wetlands in New York with artists like Kindred, Jaguar and Scratch.

Poetica has contributed her talents to emcees like Grand Agent writing & performing the best song to appear on his LP "By Design" entitled "Waughter" released on Groove Attack Records. She has also worked with the Famed Freedom Williams (C&C Music Factory) at his self titled label Fine Tunning the Presentation of Alkebulan Billboard Dance Chart Artist and writing for her as well. SHe has also sang Background and played percussion for Imo & One Africa Afro Beat Band.

Jill Scott Thanks her on the inside of her debut CD, Black Ice was the name of a poetry group who's members included, a Young Poetica prior to Def Poetry Jam although she supports her former partner who assumes the title for Russell Simmons. Poetica has been known for bridging the gap between hip-hop & Spokenword, given the title "Rythmic" in the Panoramic Poetry Anthology edited by L. Redcross about the spoken word artist movement in Philly 1994 at the October Gallery (Pieces Press). Apprentice to the late photo journalist Mposi Mshale Tolbert In 1999 she self-published a volume of Poetry, Short Story & Photography, all her own, and includes a profound photo of Maya Angelou taking by a young Poetica entitled Immaculate Creation.

A underground favorite "Essentials" written by Poetica & her father , a bass guitarist has recieved airplay on Philly's 103.9FM and WKDU's 91.7. The song nick named check 1,2,3 was also contributed to the Awol Revolutionary Artist workshop cd compilation featuring Dead Prez & Spear Head. Valued for her live performance on the underground scene in Philly, New York, Atlanta, Detroit & Boston, Rhoad Island's Brown University requested her presence along side Dead Prez for the ACLU "Right to Vote tour as well.

If you are in Brooklyn you may have seen her dynamic set at acclaimed live music venue The Chocolate Monkey. If you were at the October Gallery for the release of NUMBAONELYRICSIS mixtape you mite have a point of reference. If you were a part of the America's Next Top Model cast you may have seen her in stereo in Manhattan with her back up vocals at the Dublin cast parties. She is definitly leathal with her Contra Band at her Monthly Venue Sputnik in BK, Keeps it poppin with her Rubba Band and will blaze a set in Aca-ghetto. She calls her work audio-bio-poetics and has featured segments of SOund SPite, a one woman piece at the Eagles Dare Theater in Manhattan.

If you like Floetry you'll wish to be completely submerged in the poe-antics of Poetica.
(according to Poetica, poe-antics; The fusion of Funk, House, Jazz & Blues filtered through hip-hop wit a smile) well this all the way live from the 215 Mic Mistress remains undiscovered and uncompromized.

She is Poetic, Overstanding, Elected, Through Initiation, Conversation and Action watch see! coming through your speakers wheather so


Waughter 4 Wine

Written By: N.Stevenson/ Poetica (SESAC)

There's nothing I can do to get Closer to you, there's nothing I can Say to make you feel that way for Me...It's okay...we still build anyway We still build anyway

If You Want Wine
Ill cup my hands SO you can
Drink from mine

If You Want Water
I'll be glad to take your order

If you want blood, Guess What
You got to bring your own cup
I don't get into that stuff
or else I'll wither away
wither away

Cold Skin is Cold Skin
even though what's now isn't
then, considering that the grass
can bend, I suppose I can be flexible
noticable is a altercation and I'm faceing the fact that I'm wasting
my words on your ears, My fears are narrowed to not just where you are but with who not just who your with but what yall do see brother with you is as sticky as glue and as unsure as perspiration seems we exchange a massive amount of words without having a conversation, I am facing the fact that I'm wasting my time drinking this water for wine


Written By: N.Stevenson/ Poetica (SESAC)


What You Think About
You Bring About
Envision All The Things
To Pull You Out, Your Hole
Your Soul
Can Control Your Destiny
What You See Is What You Be

Sound Searching

Written By: N.Stevenson (Libralicious)

I'm always searching for that feeling gazing into the stars were I wanna be

Cause I smoke too much think too drink too much all the time I'm only happy when I rhyme I'm only sometimes
smile too much wild too much style too much all the time I'm only happy when rhyme

I'm Only Happy Sometime


GrooveAttack Records/ Landspeed/Supperappin
"By Design" Grand Agent
Track #14 Waughter Co wrote & Featured Vocals
By Poetica curtesy of Libralicious (SESAC)

Awol Revolutionary Artist Workshop Magazine & CD
Vol One Spring 2001 featuring Dead Prez, Spearhead & Poetica
Track # 3 Essentials

K-Mack "Lost and Turned Out" (12") 1998
Inna Vibes Sound

Urban Assault Compilation
"I Represent"
Quiet Revolution Records

Set List

Cover Tunes
Stay- Sly & Family Stone
Star- Prince
Glamorous Life - Sheila E
Get up- Amel Learuix
Strange Fruit- Billie Holiday
Pearls- Sade
Sorry- Tracy Chapman

Southern Beats
The System
Waughter 4 Wine
Broader/Cali Herb (Dub Mix)