Poeticali Distherbd

Poeticali Distherbd

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Hip Hop music from the soul. A dual perspective of life on the west coast. Poetic and musical with good contrast between the MC's style and delivery. Very fresh with a strong live show. These cats have the ability to make non Hip Hop heads, like hip hop.


Edutainers Poeticali Distherbd transmits worldwide via the Bay Area. The Auspicious Owl and The Great Elefante are two kindred spirits, linked through music, whose animal monikers directly describe their dispositions. Drawing from the jazz music ethic of constant evolution. Poeticali Distherbd creates music rooted in “the boom bap era” laced with a nonchalant positivity. Marcus Are aka The Auspicious Owl is the consummate thinker; holding down three jobs-one as a social worker-he is calculated and his style is regimented, giving Poeticali Distherbd consistency. Des One aka the Great Elefante is the equivalent of an urban gypsy. Running through life as a agabond musically he can fly off the handle at any time. He is spontaneous and the life force behind Poeticali Distherbd. As an alto and baritone respectively The Owl and the Elefante are perfect counter points sonically as well as intellectually. This creates a cohesiveness and unity in their sound both live and recorded. Poeticali Distherbd are grass roots musicians making wordly music. -Omid Fatemi



Written By: POE DIS


Mr. So & So - Single

An Elephant, an Owl, a Man and his Turntable. - LP

Lesson is currently in rotation around the Bay Area, CA

Set List

Our set list changes fairly easily. We play all original music and our set can be 30-60 mins. more if needed.