Poetic Assassins

Poetic Assassins

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One of the most dynamic groups you will come across. The Poetic Assassins deliver hard hitting thought provoking lyrics that will make you laugh, cry, ask questions, feel good and everything else in-between. They are guranteed to be remembered.


"Born on a battlefield with only a pen and a voiceā€¯ has become a mantra of sorts for the Poetic Assassins. Since their teaming up in 2007 BUGS and Verse have taken the twin cities by storm, producing their play "Eliminating Oppression One Ink Shell at a Time" twice (2008, 2009) and performing at a number of high profile shows and events including: Peace Jam, Minneapolis Celebration of Hip Hop, Standing on the Shoulders of Giants, Minnesota Urban Griot Awards, and Hip Hop Against Homophobia to name a few. They are quickly becoming staples on the Minneapolis and St. Paul scene. Coming from the Hip Hop tradition of community and consciousness mixed with complex rhymes and though provoking lyrics the Poetic Assassins have put together one of the most dynamic sets around, drawing on personal experiences their work deals with issues ranging from: class, race and identity to child molestation and religion. They will make you laugh, cry, ask questions and everything else in-between. They were nominated for two Urban Griot Awards, Best Group, and Best Production which they took home. Their work is now starting to get national exposure as they won the 2009 VERVE grant

They couple their artistic work with as great a commitment to community and creating positive change. To this end Poetic Assassins has run classes with Exco twin cities chapter, Yo! the movement, Freedom School, Hope Community Center and numerous workshops and speaking engagements.

They are planning on releasing the much anticipated debut album "Inkpen Journals and Daily Struggles" in the fall of 2009. In order to promote as best as possible Poetic Assassins is scheduling shows all across the nation so be looking for them soon near you.


Sai Werd Ink Presents Poetic Assassins... EP(Winter 2008)
Inkpen Journals and Daily Struggles (Fall 2009)

Set List

Our set consists of a number of different combinations of our pieces. The specific pieces are tailored to the needs of the booking venue including time and desired themes.