With roots in London and Lisbon, Poeticat is an energetic and unique alternative band combining world, rock, spoken word and psychedelic music with a punk attitude.


With roots in London and Lisbon, Poeticat is an energetic and unique alternative band combining world, rock, spoken word and psychedelic music with a punk attitude.

From infectious grooves and psychedelic ambiance to chugging rock riffs, Poeticat perform with a raw energy that exudes punk attitude.

This polygenic 5 piece give birth to an attention seeking bastard child of songs that could make you ask yourself "What is this?" The answer is a slap in the face to genre definition and boundaries.
Compared to the likes of Ian Dury and the Blockheads, Scroobius Pip and Patti Smith, this spoken word infused unit deliver scathing social references with imagery that flows from urban to surreal.

Smashing their unique sound from Glastonbury to the E4 Udderbelly they have set up camp at The Windmill in Brixton South-London with an Arts Council backed residency extravaganza where they deliver their fast moving energetic live shows to an ever growing fan base of the weird, wonderful and everything in between.

A Cajon that ponds and pulses louder than any drum kit
A bass that fiddles and thumps
Guitars that stroke your ears and then scratch them
A voice that coughs, clicks, grunts and rasps
Words that draw you in, stimulate and push you out

Now you have heard about Poeticat, you need to see Poeticat...



Written By: Poeticat


Up, up, up we must climb one at a time
On the beanstalks of our lives.
But overtake when you have chance,
Over, under anyhow higher
When the time comes
the manoeuvre must be done
and when they rest climb faster
so when they wake you are gone.
The giants are up there,
It wont be too long
we can be amongst them if we hurry.
Heartless scurry don’t worry
We have seen pictures of their world in magazines
It is the incentive, it is pristine.

The best it can be. Better.
It is all that matters
sometimes when people muse they drop off,
Not focused enough on the top
we know what’s down below we can see it
and when we’re close enough to the bottom we can smell it,
it smells of cats piss.

Once their beanstalks are damaged
or if they are born without one,
they will never get to the land of the giants in the sun
and we all know it but we pretend to them that they might,
we even occasionally throw a seed down and they fight.
It eventually grows and one of them climbs it,
they think they have grown it
but we mastermind it
and we keep on climbing, accelerating .

I have known a few who have made it,
the virtue of patience
they were more worthy than me,
stronger, harder workers
I have not heard from them since
but I’m sure it was worth it.
Once I saw someone fall from high above all
and when they landed they were crushed by the weight of the fall,
they had it all up there they say
but emotions got in the way,
As she fell past me she sang
This is Some Unholy War
silly girl they shouted, silly little whore.

Some say there are 100 virgins up there,
others cocaine, rock n roll and root beer
I heard once you get there you jut know.
You are satisfied you know.
Your beanstalk fades away and you start to grow
Giants you become with places to go
and you no longer have the urge to climb constantly,
your content you see, happy,
you spend time with your family,
swim in the sea, live life at ease.
Whatever it be I’ll keep going, I aint stopping,
I can’t I’d fall off become nothing
For miles I can see us climbing
I admire those above me
And I pitty those below,
they’ve got much further to go than me
and this stalk can only hold a few you see
so I gotta keep on climbing, never stop, never rest, never slack,
keep on up up up up up.?


Written By: Poeticat


The thing is that I knew all along.
When you said you were reflecting
I knew you were lying because you fell asleep next.
And whilst unconscious your thoughts did not go to me but to yourself.
Rooftops was were it really went down.
Cos the thing is that this has happened before though,?
cos I always fall in love with the carefree sort.?
And since I don’t wanna be cold with you,?
I tried to let the breeze flow where it wanted to go.?
And It flew us to the sepia lit night?
of red wine and pictorial times,?
to a strange and wonderful gathering.?
Of beautiful people who were against the system revolting,?
and I and you we talked and argued and debated,?
but you missed my final point.
So peace to your drawings in all their divine.?
Love for your rooftops that never were mine.?
Safe to your ignorance and all that you forced on it.?
Here’s to my secret life that always was mine.
So peace to your drawings in all their divine.?
Love for your rooftops that never were mine.?
Safe to your ignorance and all that you forced on it.?
Here’s to my secret life that always was mine.
So we went to this party, with a beautiful open rooftop,?
stars for miles and lovers everywhere and we jammed not a care.?
But unfortunately instead of kissing me you took the strangest path.
And whilst I was in the bathroom with my Jess?
my wisdom manifest forcing me to waken up,?
you were taken by a figure in a dream world beyond mine.?
Not deeper or higher than me not even really in my galaxy,?
and the paradox you see is that I hadn’t held you back?
because I didn’t want this to be my role.?
No names or chains or locks on our timeless clocks,?
but a light protective sheet was what we had missed.
So peace to your drawings in all their divine.?
Love for your rooftops that never were mine.?
Safe to your ignorance and all that you forced on it.?
Here’s to my secret life that always was mine.
High five for the absinthe and thanks for the shock.?
Cheers for the bitterness imposed on my mind.?
Respect for your languages and all that you spoke.?
Here’s to my attentive life that kept my eyes wide.
So along came a mate who was always a stranger,?
who was also pissed off because that cluster of trolls across the room,?
were making eyes at his woman.?
Cos you see the weak are often threatened by the strong,?
and this man was by far the strongest one,?
But he has the cotton on his heart?
so he took me, he held me, breathed relaxation into me,?
led me past you and did the talking.
To the beautiful open rooftop?
sat me down and made me meditate,?
told me be cool?
but you know… you know now.?
No resentfulness upon you special pearl?
keep on loving proud and open to the world,?
cos this is what humans are made for.?
But they are also built for war so Selassie high?
to the boy and anyone else not deserving,?
keep you chin high sunflower, you are the most kind.’?
So I’ll speak in metaphors,?
giggle to myself,?
never walk in your shadow?
and drink to my own health.

Jelly Belly

Written By: Poeticat

?Jelly Belly?

You send me a letter asking me to visit you in your little room,
I agree, tentatively.
You’ve been away a long time and I may have changed.
You are sitting against your bed when I arrive
and you pat for me to sit next to you.
You slowly start to whisper ever so gently…
Are you lonely too in this big city that’s overfilled endlessly??
Are you in love??
Do you squeeze them tight when you’ve finished your day??
Are you form London or somewhere else in the world come to settle here??
Well you inspire me, you are my bread and butter content.?
Do you have a plasma screen??
Imagine if the city were to stop,?
would you take photos of things then paint them different colours then put them back again??
Falling in love is what keeps you going it keeps the whole thing ticking over,?
you love your wife and children so you keep working.
We need our minds expanded?
let it all drift away,?
live our life’s differently.?
Bend the walls and smash the floor,?
Bend the walls and smash the floor,?
Bend the walls and smash the floor.
You put your check next to mine and it feels warm,?
a breeze starts to blow and it feels cool.?
We have lift off and out of the window are the stars.
Your little room and little lamp have lost all their sense of gravity.?
You pretend to understand me but you’ve lost breathing capacity.?
And as you try to gasp for air my words just get louder?
and its so noisy now you can comprehend no longer.?
Your feet have lifted up and your turning rolly pollies,?
your books have all started to recite their prose.?
Your fire place is a ablaze with glitter and with emeralds?
and as you move into the light, you start to feel stranger.?
Your belly’s made of jelly and your legs of little stones ,?
it has now become impossible to control your bones.?
You legs begin to move as the band begins to play,?
they leap out from your armchair and they are away.?
They are giants now and they just grow all large and looming,?
you are scared but you cannot, stop your jaw from moving.?
You are singing and your laughing really loudly just like me?
we are dancing and the band they play so elegantly.?
Your rooms a barn dance and we’re moving to the beat,?
you wine glasses start to wobble and they grow legs and feet.?
They bop along and clink and kiss the uneaten meat,?
your neighbours do not shout we are far away from them now.?
Your carpet becomes marshmallows and we have a feast.?
We hold hands and fly through the ceiling and away?
we don’t think about getting up for work the next day.
The next day we’re on the tube and you look at your jelly belly,?
its leaking through your shirt and few people are looking.?
But we don’t care cos we just flew and had barn dance in your room.?
They probably watched their plasma screens and never loose their minds.?
We were happy and we were free even if it was for one night only,?
we did it and we know it and we are our own people.
You don’t care cos your mind is free, your mind is free, your mind is free.

Kind Words Soft Kill

Written By: Poeticat

Kind words soft kill
Built by the man on the moon
I was confused
The spilsh splash of Normans land is drawing nearer
And my eyes are heavy to countless languages unknown.

When we first arrived on the island
The touch of a local woman’s hand
Made a lasting impression on my arm
And I have not been able to get rid of those finger prints since.

We slept under the stars in a heap
The ant climbed our feet
Until we ran leaving our belongings behind
Into the mountains and beyond the land
And across the starry sky into the abyss.

Moon-walking towards me
My heart palpitated
Because I wondered if you were going to take to me
But you stopped before you reached me
And dived into the clear blue sky of the earth

And I knew that you weren’t coming back
And that it was over between us
And I thought perhaps I should stick with the other Europeans.

Alone up there
I had the chance to watch all the people moving about the planet in their different ways.
Some of them had clouds of smoke above their heads
So it was harder to make out what they were thinking,
The others minds were written above their heads in script.
Some had one word,
Others a whole book of thoughts.

They said; I wonder if she likes me and if I’m ok,
I hope to make it to pay day
I wonder if I can make this jump
I hope there’s something nice for lunch
Please stop crying I can’t take it anymore
I think it is time we went to war

I knew the time for me had come.
I turned and looked but you’d already run
I took a deep breath and I blew over the trees
Munched on the hills, Drank up all the seas and
I destroyed earth until I’d had my full
Now it is all
Kind words soft kill

Centre of the Concrete Square/ 7 Minutes

Written By: Poeticat

Here we sit on your old sofa
The ends of your eyelashes are blond
I wore my mothers cardigan
you bought me rubbish flowers
Spin the world around with our palms

My mother never knew
If she bought my clothes from charity shops
I would be teased
My father never knew
If he kept teaching me how to ride a bike
One day I would take off

And you should all bring your children up on council estates
Because they can have a gang and that’s important for children
We used milk crates to speed down the concrete hill
Even the boys enjoyed dolls tea parties

The centre of the concrete square was a deep lake
And we dove in and saw the future
It was separate and tangled and responsible
So we dove a bit deeper and found a shell to sleep in

And my mother never knew that if she let me get my ears pierced
I would hang silver hoops from them
And my father never knew if he kept shouting at at the prime minister on the telly
I’d grow up to be a socialist poet

On one occasion when we were asleep in our shell
Someone shone a bright light down in on us
And our tangled legs unfolded and our eyes opened steadfast
They grabbed my arm and pulled me up up up

They removed the seaweed from my hair
And scrubbed my skin until it shone
But my gang were too far down to see
And slowly the lake looked more like concrete
Until I cautiously tiptoed over it and smashed my fists into it until they bled

And my mother never knew if she kept letting my crawl into her bed
I would never want to sleep alone
And my father never knew that by teaching me kindness
I would grow up to cry more often than people are supposed to.


Poeticat Demo 2010

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03. Poeticat - On My Mind
04. Poeticat - Yellow Lines

Poeticat Press Pack 2011

01. Poeticat - Neighbourhood
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Bend the Walls EP 2012

01. Poeticat - City Space Jump
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03. Poeticat - Jibber Jabber (interlude)
04. Poeticat - Moomin Song
05. Poeticat - Sunrise
06. Poeticat - String Cycles (interlude)
07. Poeticat - Rooftops
08. Poeticat - Jelly Belly

Beanstalk Single 2013

Rooftops Single 2013

Centre of the Concrete Square Single 2013

Kind words Soft Kill 2013.

Set List

A Letter to David Cameron
The Crows
Jelly Belly
Third Arm
Kind Words Soft Kill
Moomin Song