Poetic Mindz

Poetic Mindz

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If a picture is worth a 1000 words, Than a 1000 word is worth one picuture. So check out my album!


Poetic Mindz Birth date: November 1, 3003 Age: Older than TIME, Younger than ETERNITY Inspiration: Poetic Mindz inspiration comes from a wide range of sources, but his main source of inspiration is God. He feels that all of his work is connected to the purpose and will that God has ordained for his life. He has been inspired to write on such topics as world injustice, battered wives, black on black crime, and a host of other topics that he hopes will affect the lives of those who read and hear his outstanding work. Places of Performance: Groove Speak, Albany Georgia, Albany State University, Albany Georgia, Opened for Ricky Smiley, Ces Bon Café, Decatur Georgia, Poetic Magic, Valdosta Georgia, Mt. Zion Café, Tallahassee Florida, Albany Museum of Art, Albany Georgia, Douglas Theater, Macon Ga with HBO poet Abyss along with live poet Cocktails. FAMU, Tallahassee Flordia with Will da Real One, Downtown Live Albany Ga. and a number of festivals, social and political functions Vision: Poetic Mindz vision is to create an outlet for young adults to express their views and options about family, life and politics through the artistic means of poetry, art, dance, and acting. Quote: It's the mind of the poet that guards the mind!!!


Lovers Interlude - 2003
The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly - 2007

Set List

Varies From each performance