Poetic Republic

Poetic Republic

 Palatine, Illinois, USA
BandHip HopSoul

Poetic Republic is a live hip-hop collective from Cleveland, Ohio with an original and soulful brand of hip-hop. Each member has perfected their individual craft, ultimately making Poetic Republic Ohio's most accomplished and respected hip-hop performance ensemble.


At first glance, their logo is as recognizable as their sound, each possessing a simple aesthetic beauty that requires one to take pause, pure art both in their own right. Poetic Republic emerges as a fresh take on true-school hip-hop sentiments by incorporating live instrumentation, layers of sound, and a steady lyrical pulsation.

Originally formed in 2003, with emcee's King Rem and Ahptimus Prime performed as a duo with guest DJs in their hometown of Cleveland. Upon the realization that the sound they were looking for could only be achieved by permanently collaborating with artists from various genres, Poetic Republic reached a new depth of sound in 2004.

King Rem and Ahptimus Prime released their first official studio album Indigenous Philosophy Of The Gentiles in May 2007. The album was received with an enthusiastic welcome from a rapidly growing fan base. Adding Angelo Vagas as lead guitar, Ashanti Allison on drums, and DJ Ceven, Poetic rapidly became the most respected and well-received hip-hop outfit in the state of Ohio. Later, PR would add Dave McHenry on bass, attributing his sound for much of PRs current live performance. The group would rotate through several different musicians from various genres and walks of life, however, each member in some way contributed to the collective genius of todays Poetic Republic.

The following year, the new collective known as Poetic Republic released their sophomore album, The Natural Progression of Things, reaching a new maturity and establishing a fan base outside of their hometown of Cleveland. The critically acclaimed sophomore album received praise from Okayplayer and several other local and national blogs. Continuing with the release of their mixtape in 2009, The Blackest Man Alive, PR toured the east coast and reached an entirely new fan base in NYC, while adding Dave Mainella on keyboard and Ron Moon on bass.

Through concepts that capture the meaning of life and a variety of subject matter that touches upon pure genius, homage is paid to the early roots of hip-hop. Fans are impressed with the authentic and innovative way that PR has diverged from the monotonous "bling" marring the hip-hop world. A group of skilled emcees and musicians, PR attacks real world issues with an approach that has left an imprint in the minds of eager listeners.

The group has been nominated for consecutive Ohio Hip-Hop Awards. They have also shared the stage with many legends such as Slick Rick and Doug E. Fresh, Camp Lo, Little Brother, Slum Village, Lyrics Born, KRS-ONE and Conya Doss. Poetic is unique in the excellence exhibited in their stage show. They prepare like the legendary bands preceding them, devoting any and all available time to rehearsal and recording. Currently Poetic Republic resides in Brooklyn, where they just released their first single, Summer Dream, from their highly anticipated studio release, Future World in early 2012.


Future World - Summer 2012
The Blackest Man Alive: The Mixtape August 2009
The Natural Progression Of Things - August 2008
Indigenous Philosophy Of The Gentiles - May 2007

Set List

The typical Poetic Republic set is prolific enough to fill any allotted time.

A usually 30-60 min.
-The Media
-Get Involved
-Innovative High
-Foolish Society
-Zombie Rock
-Without Question