Poetic Tragedy

Poetic Tragedy


Poetic Tragedy is a raw cutting-edge talented neo-classic rock band. The band are sensational on stage performers, who's stage antics are well rehearsed. They have a large cult following!


Poetic Tragedy Bio

In a music world dominated by auto-tuned vocals, programmed drum beats, and over-choreographed, lip-synced “live” performances, bands such as POETIC TRAGEDY are a rarity. As part of the “neo-classic rock” scene currently dominating New York, these indie-rockers arose in response to the often-posed question, “What ever happened to bands like The Rolling Stones and Led Zeppelin?”

POETIC TRAGEDY creates raw, melodic, memorable songs by combining the intellectual curiosity of the Beatles, the infinite energy of The Doors, the simplistic guitar riffs of The Strokes, and the quirkiness of Franz Ferdinand to create a distinctly unique and instantly memorable sound that reinterprets classic rock for a new generation.

Composed of Ryan Schmidt on bass, Nick Arettines on guitars and background vocals, Ken Walz on drums and background vocals, and Matt Lopez on guitars and lead vocals, this quartet finds inspiration not only in the music of their forefathers, but also in the way in which legends such as Bob Dylan and Jimi Hendrix questioned the establishment and looked at the world through a cynical eye.

This old-school approach to the music is catching on quickly, as POETIC TRAGEDY has already played for crowds numbering in the thousands. With prestigious gigs such as Webster Hall and the main stage at New York City’s “The Knitting Factory” already under their belts, word is getting out rapidly. When asked about the immediate success of the group, lead singer, Matt Lopez explains, “It’s all about having fun and meeting the needs of our fans, while staying true to ourselves and letting people know we’re just beginning to shake things up.”

Where the future of POETIC TRAGEDY is concerned, look for the release of their latest full-length recording, “Twilight On The Dawn Of Madness” in September 2007, and for more information on the latest news, music, pictures, and merchandise, be sure to check out www.poetictragedyband.com and www.myspace.com/poetictragedyband.



Written By: Matt Lopez

This is a song of hope,
No longer on that messed up dope
Please allow me to boast,
I just came from the whipping post
Because my affliction
Has so long been my addiction
My latest prediction,
Is in the flesh a cruxifiction.


Writing Letters to you,
Don't know what else to do
Writing Letter that no one else understands

And as the night goes by
I'll sing you this sweet lullaby
If not for the break of day
Your love I shall never betray
My latest prediction
Is in the flesh a cruxifiction


Counterpart Melody:
Can't Stop Cause I'm thinkin about you, writing these letters gonna send them to you



One More Saturday Night

Written By: Matt Lopez

Ba da da da da da da da

There she goes just a-walking down the street
Ain't never seen a girl so fine
I know that when I get the chance
I'm gonna make that girl all mine

One more saturday night
With out her by my side
I know that when I get the chance
I'll change the turning of the tide


And I know that when she goes
She always always goes
And I Know that when she stays
She never ever stays
And I know that when she leaves
Shen always always leaves
And I can't stand to see her
With another man WHOO!!!

Ba da da da da da da da

I want to tell that I love her so
Every little thing she does
Hold her tight with all my might
Tell her I love her just because


Verse repeat:


Jekyl & Hyde

Written By: Matt Lopez

Hey wait a minute Dr.Jekyl
I talked to Mister Hyde
His temperment is high tonight
Your going for a ride
Don't you know its a dead end
And it's in your face
Going down that street
Whoa ho ho Whoa ho ho

And now I know that today
Is gonna be one of those days
A roller coaster ride in a purple haze
(Your so deranged, baby you changed, your so deranged)

Hey wait a minute Dr. Jekyl
I talked to Mister Hyde
Stormy Night outside tonight
Brewing up outside
Don't you know that confusion
Is the name of the game
And it's in your face
Whoa ho hom Whoa ho ho


Hey wait a minute Dr.Jekyl
I talked to Mister Hyde
His temperment is high tonight
Your going for a ride
Don't you know that depression
Is the name of the game
And it's in my face
Whoa ho ho, Whoa ho ho



The Poetic Tragedy EP "Hysteria" has been released in February of 2007. It has since recieved internet radio airplay on numerous stations.

Poetic Tragedy will be releasing their much anticipated debut album "Twilight On The Dawn Of Madness!" in or around September 2007.

Set List

The Set List varies from venue to venue. We have the capacity to play up to 12 Original Songs and 2 Covers.