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"Poetik Justiz's Horny Goat Weed"

State your name please.

Poetik Justiz

Where you guys from?

Toronto, Canada

So tell us what Poetik Justiz is.

Poetik Justiz is the most misspelled name in hip hop. Poetik Justiz is also a literary term and a 2pac movie, Poetik Justiz is not a real word and Poetik Justiz is 2 comedians who are also rappers.

I seen you guys live, and I was laughing my ass off, but at the same time, really drawn in by your stage presence and lyrical abilities, whats your main focus is it comedy or rap, obviously its both, but like, where would say your sound fits categorically?

Categorically our sound is Hip Hop. However we are also comedians so our natural humour comes out on the tracks as well. It’s not at all comedy rap like Weird Al or the fucking idiot on youtube who sings about showing genitals.

Yeah Yeah I heard that guy, he’s so whack, I don’t get that? It’s not even funny or artistic, but here I am talking about it, haha. Sorry continue….

Yeah it’s more like Red and Meth, just rappers who aren’t scared to joke around and hear people laughing at there shows. That’s why Paul isn’t afraid to perform barefoot, we just don’t give a fuck.

Oh I liked the barefoot style by the way, that reminds me of Australia where its cool to be barefoot jut about anywhere. Anyways, I can tell you guys are into Hip Hop, so what artists inspire you to write or do what you do with Poetik Justiz?

It’s funny that you mention Australia cause there’s another Hip Hop duo out there called Hilltop Hoods and they’re dope, and Australians are also pretty crazy so we don’t mind that comparison. As far as right now Paul’s biggest inspiration would be J.Cole and Chris’ would be Big Sean. Overall, we’ve always listened to different types of hip hop and introduce each other to different shit. The only hip hop we’ve ever really %100 agreed on is Dipset, cause you gotta be a dummy not to see that they’re still hood. You can listen to us going in on the Dipset anthem on our first mixtape “The Renaissance” on a track called “Hood Ratz”. Seeing as were both large fans of gangsta rap but not the biggest thugs, we wanted to dedicate one track to just being gutta as fuck and dropping bars about dumping clips and shit. Oh ya and of course we share a love for Wu-Tang, but I’m pretty sure that goes without saying.

Yeah I feel ya, I think you gotta have some gutta / hood shit in your horizon as a rapper, even if you dont live that lifestyle, it just naturally emits itself on the genre somehow. So, ya’ll just released the mixtape, Horny Goat Weed, what was that like putting it all together, and what sort of influences can we hear on it?

Not to sound cliche but there really is no major influences on it. We just collected all the best techno, dubstep and trance just bascially club shit with heavy bass over about a period of like 5 months, then in about 1 month we wrote lyrics to all the beats and then in about 6 hours we recorded all the songs. The result is Horny Goat Weed – the first mixtape we both agree that we can listen to from start to finish. Most musicians can agree that in the beginning stages of there career it’s tough to listen to yourselves, but this shit is just dope! We both bump it all day..it’s just too good.

What sort of setup do you guys got? do you have your own studio? do you do this on your spare time on Garageband or what?

Yeah, we have our own studio set up in a room in our house. We use a program called soundtrack pro. We rap when ever we have free time aside from performing stand up and working, in the past year we have recorded 3 mixtapes and Paul has recorded 2 on his own.

I seen when Paul did the random object freestyle, that was dope as hell. Where did you guys come up with that idea?

Well as far as Paul free styling hes been doing that since grade 6 and has been rapping live and at parties ever since. The first time Chris saw Paul freestyle he started picking up objects in the room and Paul would make it rhyme instantly and incorporate everything he was holding up into his raps. Chris would go crazy and Paul would work off the energy and we knew since then we had to start doing it on stage.

Yeah that was really interesting and entertaining, the crowd was loving it too. Your waiting for the next object to come up in the lyrics and when it does, your like, “awww shit he just said it” it’s crazy. So do you guys do stand up as well?

Yes we both do stand up as well. We both have performed at Second City Toronto and hundreds of other venues around the city. Chris also opened up for Eddie Griffin at The Toronto Centre For Performing Arts in March. Our ultimate goal would be to tour the world performing stand up and Hip Hop on the same show.

So have you got any shows coming up?

You can frequently find us performing at various venues around the city. Just add us on facebook or follow us on twitter @iampaulthompson or @Andmynameschris to find out more on when we will be performing.

Cool, so I’m trying to think, like what came first, Hip Hop or comedy? Or when did you make the move to incorporate comedy into your music?

We never really made a move, when people speak of the rap game and the comedy game were not really part of that. No one has ever done what we are doing in history, if the comedy game and Hip Hop game were like chess we would not be pieces, therefore we would not make moves. We are the board, we are the game. But in all honesty, we met in 2007 at The Humber School of Comedy audition. We were paired up to imrovise in the audition and our chemistry surpassed the rest of the group. Fast forward 5 months to September where they were both accepted to the program and instantly began performing and rapping together. So there was never a move from rap to comedy, they both started at the same time organically.

I see, I like the chess analogy. What can we expect on the new mixtape?

The new mixtape will be called “Something Like a Beast” inspired by the AHL Hamilton Bulldogs star defenceman Shawn Belle. We have created a formula that we believe will allow us to grow quickly into our own genre of music. Our current mixtape Horny Goat Weed is what we would call a concept mixtape. Meaning that it is extremely experimental compared to other mixtapes in Hip Hop at the moment. We plan to release concept mixtapes followed by regular mixtapes creating a pattern of conept-regular-concept-regular and so on. For example our next mixtape “Something Like a Beast” will be exactly what you look for in a Hip Hop mixtape, banging beats, great flow and tons of punch-lines on the regs. Then following that we will release another concept mixtape which is taking extreme chances and is nothing like you’ve ever heard before. You can check us out at iampaulthompson.com or at datpiff.com or myspace.com/poetikjustiz or at youtube.com/poetikjustiz or at anywhere you can find anybody, just spell it right POEIK JUSTIZ!

Word, well its been a pleasure talking to y’all, keep us updated, we’ll speak soon.

-SF - Swagfresh


"Poetik Justiz"(2008)
"The Renaissance"(2009)
"Ego Overdose"(20010)
"Horny Goat Weed"(2010)
"Something Like A Beast"(2011)
"My Dinner With Coldplay"(2012)



Poetik Justiz is one of Toronto's best up and coming hip hop duos. Members Paul Thompson and Chris Robinson began making music and performing together after meeting at The Humber School of Comedy in the fall of 2008. Since then they have went on to record six mixtapes together. It is quite clear they are no conventional hip hop duo when you hear them rap over a wide range of musical genres from classical to electronic. There thought provoking lyrics delivered with a natural charisma and fearless attitude give them an edge not commonly heard in music. The stage presence that they evoke is on a legendary status. Especially when they put on an instrumental and Chris Robinson grabs random objects from the audience as Paul Thompson freestyles about every item. These talented young men have been featured on " Late Night with Matty D" and opened for Brian Posehn and Choclair. They are the future of entertainment.